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The President of Georgia: Russia Is Trying to Create a Mockery of International Relations by Creating a Precedent of Cooperation with the Occupied Territories

The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has addressed former and current leaders of more than 50 countries at the 5th Baku Global Forum:
“It is an honor and pleasure to be here at this great gathering, to have an opportunity to address this distinguished audience and to meet with lots of our friends. Let me thank the organizers of this meeting for this opportunity.
I have been hearing numerous, very interesting presentations and ideas and we share basically the same concern. We share concerns about security, stability, and efficiency of international institutions that are put in place for the reason to prevent tensions and conflicts. In a way, we go around 30 years back and reflect what we were thinking about the future of the world when the Cold War was finishing. We thought our prospects were much more optimistic. We were thinking that the end of the Cold War would bring more peace and prosperity and globalization of the world would bring more contacts and opportunities for trade, friendship and dialogue of cultures, but our very optimistic hopes have been only partially fulfilled and we are seeing the world where we see terrorism, suffering of people, mass destructions, wars and we are thinking how to make the process more stable and peaceful.
My country has been an actor and a factor in global security and stability, participating practically in majority of international missions that have been undertaken for the last 25 years, since Georgia became independent. We believe in international cooperation among the nations to solicit stability not only of your own country, but the global stability which, in this globalized world, is reflected on the stability of your homeland. Right now we are active in international missions in Afghanistan and Africa and we believe that contributing to this process makes Georgia more stable, but at the same time Georgia is an unfortunate example of hypocrisy of international relationships that is built around the concept of privileged interest areas. Georgia has been occupied by its neighboring, very strong nuclear country, Russia.
Georgia was occupied in 2008 by the regular Russian army, but Georgia has been occupied before with something that we are calling hybrid war, in the beginning of 1990’s, when we stated our independence. This is a fact that a country, contributing to global security and stability is suffering when it comes to its neighbor. This is a fact that we all have to face and we have to acknowledge that facing this fact should bring us to clearer solutions and visions. Russia has declared its foreign policy, basically stating that international relations, international global order is somehow twisted when it comes to Russian neighborhood. And as a result of this twist, as a result of the belief that Russia has a right to police its neighbors, parts of my country are occupied. But one thing is what Russia has declared and the other thing is how clear, how blunt were the nations that believed in global security and international relationships in disapproving Russian policy.
I do not think that we all were exactly blunt at that point when in 2008 Georgia was occupied and we got crisis in Crimea in six years in Ukraine. So, facing the challenges of terrorism, facing the challenges of hybrid war, facing the challenges of big powers, disregarding rules of the game, we should be very clear that in this globalized world wherever it is happening, it is a threat to security and stability for each and every country around the world which plans to build a more secure future.
In this respect, I think we have to be very blunt and not hypocritical in condemning any type of aggression, being it from a strong neighbor, or relatively strong neighbor, or maybe just a strong party towards its neighbors and allies. Yesterday, with the decision of the Russian government, the so-called army of the occupied Tskhinvali region has been implanted and gone under the Russian military control. This is the issue that shows that Russians are trying to create a mockery of international relations by creating a precedent of cooperation between the occupied territories and their nation.
So, I believe that future stability is in very sincere reactions to cases like this, in being very critical, precise, blunt, and believing that if we want to keep the future of our world stable and secure, we have to be devoted to the concept of international relationships and international law, which should be the basis of cooperation. That is what Georgia is doing in our region. We are open and embracing partners of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and other countries in the region, opening up Georgia’s opportunities of cooperation and future prosperity projects”, - stated the President.