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The President of Georgia:
Is a Head of State, guarantee of the country’s integrity and national independence;
Within the authority under the Constitution of Georgia he provides proper functioning of state bodies;
Is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces;
Represents Georgia in foreign relations;
Through agreement with the government holds negotiations with other states and international organizations, enters into international agreements and treaties;
Appoints and dismisses Georgia’s ambassadors and other diplomatic representatives with the presentation of the government;
Through agreement with the government receives accreditation of ambassadors of other state and international organizations and other diplomatic representatives;
On behalf of the Georgian state concludes constitutional agreement with Apostle Autocephalous Orthodox Church;
In cases provided by the Constitution presents the candidacy of the Prime Minister and appoints the Prime Minister;
In cases specified by the Constitution assigns the government to perform obligations before establishing new membership of the government;
In cases specified by the Constitution presents to the Parliament, appoints, dismisses and displaces officials; according to the law, appoints the member of the Supreme Council of Justice;
In cases provided by the organic law and according to the established rule participates in appointment of members of central election commission and chairman;
Through agreement with the government presents to the Parliament the candidates of members of national regulatory bodies;
Appoints members of the National Security Council, through agreement with the government appoints and dismisses the Chief of General Staff of Georgian armed forces, other commanders;
Appoints 3 members of the Constitution Court of Georgia;
Presents to the Parliament of Georgia the candidates of Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia and judges of the Supreme Court for appointment;
Presents to the Parliament of Georgia members of the Council of the National Bank of Georgia;
Among the members of the National Bank Council appoints and dismisses the President of the National Bank;
Appoints and dismisses the Head of the President Administration of Georgia, defines the structure activity rule of the President Administration of Georgia;
within 10 days after recognition of the authority of the newly appointed Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Adjara, after consultations with the political subjects represented in the Supreme Council, with the preliminary agreement of the Georgian Government, presents to the Supreme Council the candidate of a Chairman of the government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara for approval;
Declares hostility in case of armed attack on Georgia, upon existence of relevant conditions concludes a truce and presents these resolutions to the Parliament for approval no later than within 48 hours;
During war or mass disorder, violation of the country's territorial integrity, a military coup d’état, armed insurrection, ecological disasters and epidemics or in other cases, when state bodies are unable to exercise constitutional powers, declares a state of emergency throughout the country or in any part of it and submits this decision to the Parliament for approval within no later than 48 hours. Emergency authorities shall apply only to the territory where the state of emergency is declared for the reasons mentioned in this paragraph;
During the state of war or emergency issues decrees having the force of law, which are valid until the end of the state of war or emergency;
Takes emergency measures;
Is authorized by submission of the Government, with the consent of the Parliament to suspend the activity of representative bodies of self-government and territorial units or dismiss them if their activity endangers the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, implementation of constitutional authorities of state bodies;
Makes a decision about the use of military force and submits it to the Parliament for approval within 48 hours. For fulfillment of international obligations use of the armed forces is not allowed without the consent of the Parliament;
Makes a decision on bringing, using and moving military forces in the country, and immediately submits to the Parliament for approval;
Approves the structure of military forces;
Leads the National Security Council;
For exercising the powers under the Constitution issues a decree, instruction, edict, also as the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, - order;
Signs and promulgates the law according to the rule of the Constitution;
Signs and promulgates the law on the revision of the Constitution;
Is authorized to address people and the Parliament. Once a year submits a report to the Parliament on the most important issues of the country;
Appoints elections of the President, Parliament and representative bodies of Georgia according to the rule of the Constitution and law;
Is authorized to appoint referendum with the request of the Parliament of Georgia, the Government of Georgia, and no less than 200000 voters on the issues defined by the Constitution and Law, within 30 days after receiving the request of its appointment;
Appoints the day of the first meeting of the newly appointed Parliament of Georgia;
The President of Georgia with the request of the Chairman of the Parliament, at least one-fourth of the members of the Parliament or with the submission of the Government appoints an extraordinary session in the period among the Parliament sessions, and during the next session - extraordinary meeting;
Dismisses the Parliament in cases provided by the Constitution and according to the rule;
After declaring confidence to the government and its government program by the Parliament in case of renewing of the government with one-third of the first membership but no less than with 5 members, the President of Georgia submits to the Parliament the membership of the for obtaining confidence within one work; 
Is authorized to request discussion of certain issues at the government meeting and participate in this discussion which is also attended by the Secretary of the National Security Council and other members;
Decides the issues of granting citizenship, shelter;
Grants the state rewards, higher military, special and honor titles, higher diplomatic ranks;
Pardons the convicted.