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Official web site of the President of Georgia

The functions of the Department of Correspondence Management are:
a) Organization of proceedings (including, classified); provision of protecting the regime of secrecy related to relevant information and documentation specified by the current legislation; provision of electronic proceedings in the Administration;
  1. b) Participation in preparation of draft legal acts and letters of the President of Georgia and Head of the Presidential Administration; also edition of draft documents prepared in the Administration of the President of Georgia and preparation of them for signature;
  3. c) Keeping the registry of resolutions and orders of the President of Georgia and provision of update of the relevant electronic search system;
  5. d) Provision of issuing legal acts of the President of Georgia according to the legislation, also availability of the public information;
  7. e) Registration of the correspondence incoming to the Administration, defining the competence and delivering to the relevant department;
  9. f) Receiving letters and applications of citizens submitted to the name of the President of Georgia and the Head of the Administration, their registration, discussion within the competence, analysis, generalization of the problems raised in them and submission of relevant conclusions to the management of the Administration, also preparation of statistical and thematic analysis;
  11. g) Cooperation with the administrative bodies and other institutions for the purpose of discussing the problems raised in the applications and letters sent from the Administration of the President of Georgia and timely response to them;
  13. h) Provision of functioning the reception of citizens, also hot line;
  15. i) Keeping the Administration archive;
  17. j) For the purpose of raising the efficiency of the activities, establishing unified rules of the proceedings and for the purpose of optimization of the proceedings, preparation of proposals and projects;
  19. k) Performing other tasks of the Head of the Administration.