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The functions of the Department of the Human Resource Management are:
a) Developing recommendations and projects for introduction and development of the human resource management system;
  1. b) Preparing relevant legal acts on appointment, transfer, incentives, dismissal of administration staff of the President of Georgia, use of discipline responsibility measures towards them, also holidays and leaves;
  3. c) Establishing job descriptions, duties and criteria of evaluating work performance;
  5. d) Elaborating proposals related to professional training and retraining of the administration staff and providing relevant organizational issues;
  7. e) Managing personal cases of the administration staff and other documents;
  9. f) Developing internal regulations of the administration, monitoring of its fulfillment and providing its protection;
  11. g) Supporting the development of internal organizational communication;
  13. h) Introducing internship program in the administration and supporting its implementation;
  15. i) Introducing software projects to improve human resource management operational processes;
  17. j) Performing other authorities specified by the legislation;
  19. k) Performing other tasks of the Head of the Administration.