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Official web site of the President of Georgia

The functions of the Department of Logistics and Informational Technologies are:
a) Material-technical provision of functioning the Administration of the President;
  1. b) Keeping the record, management and control of the Administration acts according to the rule of the legislation;
  3. c) Preparation of the draft agreement to procure goods, service and construction work, also implementation of control of agreement performance according to the legislation of Georgia;
  5. d) Preparation of the reports defined according to the law of Georgia on State Procurement and provision of sending the state procurements to the agency;
  7. e) Administration of the computer network of the Administration;
  9. f) Provision of the continuity of delivering the informational resources and data security, establishing and updating the methods and technologies of protecting the date base from unauthorized access;
  11. g) Performing other tasks of the Head of the Administration.