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In the framework of the state visit to Israel, the President of Georgia and the President of the State of Israel made joint statements for the media

The President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili
Mr. President, Madam First Lady, dear guests, ambassadors, ministers, representatives of religious organizations, I would like to express my delight of presence in Jerusalem.
This is a dream place to visit, to meet with friends and an amazing historical and modern environment for sharing. This is a great place for legends, but at the same time in this area, many Jews around the world, including the Jews, creating a very powerful state, which is based on the traditions and at the same time, is one of the most modern.
As the President said, I represent the state, which has three thousand years of history. Hence, Georgians and Jews have being builfing this state for 2600 years.
We have Jewish settlement from the time of the first temple destruction. Jews living in the area of  Georgia, ethnic Georgians and other peoples have been creating and maintaining our state in a very difficult situation in the neighborhood.
Mr. President, we share many of the issues: we represent small states in a difficult neighborhood, where deducated people live and have a long impressive history. We are the nations that are building a modern democratic state, are based on their historical experience and their hope for the future. I am confident that we will overcome the challenges and ensure peace and security in our region.
Georgia, the Georgian people, is Israel's friend. In this sense, our Governments are responding to community attitudes in Georgia as well as in Israel. That is why I was shocked with the violence that we have seen. We have a very long tradition of violence and peace, the common values of winning. We know that violence will not defeat violence without common efforts, goals, love and the idea of building a better future.
I represent a country whose territorial integrity and interests are polluted, and the area is occupied. But the only way to resolve this problem is peaceful negotiations, and diplomatic efforts to forge a common purpose and the future construction of the rational mind. We very firmly adhere to this position, as evidenced by the fact that for 3000 years we were able to keep ourselves in this most difficult region. We will be able to maintain peace, stability and cooperation between the Caucasus.
Mr. President, Georgia to perform the role that is beneficial for your country. We support the Western and Eastern Partnership. Georgia offers opportunities for the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea basin states, the Eastern and Western countries to cooperate and develop partnership ties. These relationships, of course, are useful for everyone who thinks about the future, projects, and not for the welfare of other human rights violations.
As a small country, we stand very firmly in our foreign policy goals, and we know that they will be pursued with the full consent of the principles of international law. Foreign policy should be based on an agreement and I would like to thank our Israeli partners, who support Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and firmly protect the core values next to us.
I would like to express my happiness to be here. This is a very impressive and emotional place where all think about how to deepen our partnership and the possibilities of the economy, business, politics, agriculture and tourism. We also cooperate with the security issues and my government is very committed to contribute to international security and peace.
With a common past and a common vision of the future, I would like once again to express my respect to you, Mr. President, and your nation.

President of the State of Israel Ruvlen Rivlin

Mr. President, the First Lady Maka Chichua, we welcome you with great honor to Jerusalem the capital of Israel during your first visit.
It is a city, Israel began a long journey after establishment of the first temple of the Jews along the road which has become the start of one of the oldest Jewish community outside of Israel, in Georgia.
Mr. President, our country is located between the eastern and western cultures, along the ancient Islamic and Christian worlds borders that brought together people many centuries ago, before Internet, or even a phone would be able.
This is not just a coincidence, but it's happening because of long friendship of Georgian and Jewish people through the heart. It is obvious that Israel is one of Georgia's important partners in the Caucasus. There is religious tolerance as well as mutual respect in Georgia and Israel. Today more than ever, Georgia has an important role assigned to present these values in the international arena.
Georgia has a role to raise a voice against fundamentalism and hatred. Very concerned, we are very saddened by the fact that we learned exactly today. The person who organized the terrorist act of Ber Shiva, was a citizen of Israel, from the Bedouin community. We are very sad, because we live together in Israel.
Jews and Arabs live in Israel. It's fate. It is believed that we are living together, but unfortunately religious controversy brings a lot of discomfort for each of them, those who live in the Middle East and all the fundamentalist organizations and the public not only in the Middle East, but all over the world.
Once again, I thank you. Your government's clear condemnation  against the strikes of Israeli terrorism. These pieces are a clear demonstration of hatred and should be condemned all those who committed these crimes and those who dishonor them.
Mr. President, I look forward to when we will have the opportunity to talk about security issues more broadly, how we cooperate, how to work together in order to strengthen our cooperation in security as well as economic and cultural fields. Particularly, I am looking forward to our conversation about how to work with our youth, our students in many directions, and we, as a government to be able to help them execute their excellent initiatives.
Once again, I would like to welcome you with all my heart in the name of the Jewish people. The Jewish-Georgian community is so large, and because the ministers come from this community to this government. I want to welcome all of you and the First Lady, the delegation, parliamentarians, ministers, vice ministers and of course, the ambassadors.
I hope and I know that you feel yourself here, in Israel's capital, Jerusalem as at home. Welcome to you, Mr. President. The Bible says - Pray for peace in Jerusalem, and let all those who appreciate Jerusalem, be happy. Now I understand these words from the Bible, when listening to your talk about Jerusalem as a holy city.
You are welcome! Thank you very much.
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