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Joint Statements of the President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made joint statements for the press after an official meeting. Leaders have paid attention to the discussed issues and importance of the Georgia-NATO relations.
President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili:
“I welcome Mr. Stoltenberg!
I Welcome the visit of your delegation in Georgia, which is new and important step in the context of NATO-Georgia cooperation.
A year ago, Georgia returned from Wells with an important package, which gave an opportunity to our country to further improve defense capabilities. This package mainly aimed for more Georgia in NATO and for more NATO in Georgia.
Today, with Secretary General of Alliance, we have taken another important step in this respect and started to implement one of components of the mentioned package. I am convinced that Training and Assessment Centre, foundation of which was laid today, will significantly strengthen defense capabilities of Georgia and enable military forces of member and partner countries to have effective and quality trainings in Georgia.
With this step Georgia has again proved its commitment to security and stability in the region. Our country sees its future membership in the alliance in the context of more security and the stability of the region.
Despite the fact that 20% of our territories are occupied and 10% of our population is internally displaced, we still actively work with our partners in NATO and are its number one contributor among non member states.
Therefore, today we have discussed details for further development of our relations. We talked about joint, intensive working process, on agenda of positive reforms, which were highly assessed and about Georgia’s regional and international role in respect to the provision of global stability.
I am glad that it was successful and meaningful visit and I believe it is step forward in Georgia’s integration process with NATO.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg:
“I am glad to be in Tbilisi. My visit again shows the importance of NATO-Georgia relations, which is getting deeper and stronger.
Georgia is very strong and reliable contributor to our common security and plays an important role in our operations, particularly, in Afghanistan.
I would like to thank you and Georgian people for your devotion and efforts. Georgia has once again proved that it is very reliable partner in the respect to international security and exemplary country in the region. Implementation of democratic reforms again illustrates your commitment to become member of Euro-Atlantic family, which has common values. All the reforms and contributions for security help Georgia to get prepared for NATO membership. And in this respect, NATO helps Georgia in their efforts. We have established Joint Center for Training and Assessment, which will make our activities rather effective. Also, NATO sends its experts in Georgia to strengthen Georgia’s defense capabilities; delivers recommendations in the fields of education and cyber security.
Opening of this centre is very important step forward. And it is not against anybody. On the contrary, this center will be important for deepening of regional and international security. This is our common path and we implement everything in compliance with the agreed plan. We will help Georgia to become the member of NATO. Of course, there are many works to be implemented, but Georgia has already made a huge progress.
North Atlantic Alliance will continue to support Georgia. We carefully observe the processes in your country, when Russia has moved administrative borders in occupied regions of Georgia and violated international obligations undertaken by it.
Members of Alliance once again express their support to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia in its internationally recognized borders.
Again, thank you Mr. President for our discussion and talks. We will continue supporting Georgia to become member of North Atlantic Alliance.”
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