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Speech of the President of Georgia at Fordham University

The President of Georgia delivered a public lecture and answered the questions of students at Fordham University.
- First of all, I would like to greet the whole audience and tell you how excited I am with this little opportunity to return to my earlier personality when I taught students and had a possibility of communication with professors.
I think we have a very little time and it would be good to allow you to ask questions and answer these questions and have discussion.
Thus, I will have a very small introduction on what I am doing here and what I do there in my country.
With its context it complies with the audience where I am now as you are future lawyers, future professionals of law and the people who determine future forms of legislation. You are those who are involved in the issues of law proceedings. But I am not a lawyer at all. I have received education in philosophy and currently, I am involved in politics.
I think there is something common and important among all of us, in what we do in our life and activities.
Major part of my political agenda has become the concept of the rule of law and let me tell you why. Because in any politics, be it the USA, Georgia or any other country, not only in local politics and in politics of building own society, but in international relations, it has been revealed that the main concept which I have to deal with, which defined my political agenda, my ties, my political goals and objectives, is not a legislation, neither decisions made nor written principles – this was the ability of political leaders, society, international organizations to protect the rules that are established and written. And this is really important as what I see in not only international relations but in internal policy of any democracy, be it Georgia, the USA or any other country, this is the country’s ability to be increased and strengthened. This is the decision of people, political leaders and society actors to obey rules.
And now when I talk with lawyers you may think what rules we discuss and what the rules are which are important. I do not talk about the contents of the rules. I am talking about the decision to obey rules. This is an effort which makes your and my job important. This is what makes us involved in legal, political, social processes.
So, this is basically what I do. This is mainly my political agenda.
One more issue that I will raise before you and ask myself as well – what shall we do as lawyers, as politicians, as society members and diplomats in order to fulfill the thing with which we are bound by laws that we create and enforce.
And why is this important for lawyers and why is this important for politicians?
Becauseotherwisewe are notcommitted tothe process.Do notmakerecklessordeliberatedecision that the written law isthe mainthingthat definesthe ability ofeach of usto communicatewith each other.
If we are not committed to this we will find ourselves in a situation when our actions, our involvement, our membership of society becomes a bit absurd, a little bit different or connected with different rules of a game which are not written but it may be decided or thought of.
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