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President of Georgia Delivered a Speech at the US Council of Foreign Relations

President of Georgia delivered a speech at the US Council of Foreign Relations within his working visit to the US.
The event was attended by representatives of political and economic sector, international experts, international media and academic circle.
The President of Georgia was answering the questions of the meeting mediator, American journalist Thomas Gram.
The journalist was interested why Georgia has disappeared from the newspapers of the United Stated for the last years. “The future of Georgia itself has a great significance and influence over the Caucasian region and today we want to understand better what is happening in Georgia, what challenges shall your country overcome and also we would like to know about your plans, your concerns. What are the main messages that you send to the United States, the Council Members, what shall we know and understand about Georgia?” – Thomas Gram addressed the President of Georgia.
Giorgi Margvelashvili highlighted Georgia’s unique location and the country’s geopolitical role which becomes of great importance in terms of regional security, economic and trade sectors.
“As you have said, Georgia has disappeared from active radars of America, New York, Washington media.
What do we want” We want to return Georgia in the discussion format. Those political processes that are developed in the United States are quite relevant for not only Georgia but the whole region.
The first reason of why we shall talk about Georgia and its development is that Georgia has a unique location on the Eurasian Continent.
If you look at the map Georgia is quite small but it plays a great role for the last three decades.
A very strategic geographic location between the Caspian and the Black Sea, it has a border with interesting countries in the north as well as in the west and east. It is also interesting that we connect Asian part with the Black Sea region and European part and we have been doing this for hundreds of years.
Even after the Soviet Union was collapsed we realized well our strategic role, our place in civilized world and our role as a connector between two global worlds.
This is implementation of transport highways and the concept which is called transit concept.
It is also important in terms of expanding partnership which also supports development of service market.
We are also a part of Silk Road concept and my natural interest is to strengthen the direction, extend the opportunities of my country and my society.
I would like to present my people new decisions, Georgia’s readiness to be involved in these processes and that’s why Georgia becomes the country of choice.
Another factor which I would like to mention is that among 14 countries of the region 8 countries have their borders with Georgia, this also strengthens this special choice”, - the President of Georgia noted.
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