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President of Georgia Met Students within the Visit to Israel

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili held a meeting with students within the state visit to Israel.
The Head of State delivered a lecture to the students of the “IDC Herzliya” Institute on the topic “challenges of small states in new agenda of the world”.
In his speech Giorgi Margvelashvili remembered his activities at the Institute of Public Affairs and highlighted the importance of discussions with students. The Head of State talked about friendly relations between Georgia and Israel, also the opportunities that Georgia creates in the region. “Historically Georgia had to fight to maintain its own identity, independence and statehood against big empires for centuries the interests of which was to control Georgian territories”, -the President of Georgia noted.
Giorgi Margvelashvili paid special attention to the multi-century friendship between Georgian and Jewish people, the importance of the Jewish living in Georgia and their role in building a new state.
“Georgia managed to maintain its own identity and statehood, it re-built a new modern state in the twentieth century when the Soviet Union collapsed. The state based on the past which is related to Jewish people and Jewish community that live in Georgia friendly and without any confrontation. Moreover, when Georgia built its state Jewish people were participants of this process and were as worried about those problems as ethnic Georgians and they were the part of building a new state”, - Giorgi Margvelashvili said.
After the speech the President of Georgia answered the questions of students. They discussed the challenges that Georgia faces and the situation in the regions, also the important of the country’s transit role.
The President of Georgia emphasized the relations between Georgia and Russia, and the current situation on the occupied territories.
“20 per cent of our territories are occupied and the Georgians who live in Georgia are now internally displaced people because they are ethnic Georgians. Georgia is the country of a great history, and despite great pressure it managed to maintain its own identity, unique language, writing, our statehood. This is the feeling which each Georgian has, we, politicians think about it when we talk about Georgia’s future. We will never accept occupation, that our strong neighbor decided to violate our rights and sovereignty which is recognized and approved by international community”, - the President of Georgia stated.
According to Giorgi Margvelashvili Georgia’s territorial integrity shall be restored only peacefully. They also discussed economic opportunities of Georgia and economic relations with the EU, those profitable conditions of Georgia that exist in terms of business. At the end the President of Georgia also discussed current challenges and the situation in the Ukraine, also the role of the international community and their involvement regarding the mentioned issue.
The visit of the President of Georgia and the First Lady to Israel was ended today.
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