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President of Georgia Addresses to Students and Professors of the Coast Guard Academy

Let me greet you all and start with the word of appreciation and thanks for the great community of the Coast Guard Academy, which has been a great place for teaching and breeding a future elite for the coast guard of United States, but not only, actually for Georgia as well.
Let me thank you for being such goods friend, for those Georgians who visit you and to whom you open opportunities of knowledge of training of the high level.
You have opened your heart and something that we have seen while walking through the beautiful campus here was a great expression how tragedy and loss can bring future fruits of friendship of breeding feelings like friendship, like love for each other and respect.
Here in the campus you have Georgian students and you had Georgian students. And they are probably the best ambassadors for my country. Because, they show you the values that we all belong to and they are showing you how much committed with are to maintain those values.
But together with them, I want to share with you some of very important reasons, why we, Georgians and Americans walk hand-in-hand and do great things together.
And I want to start from something that I have discussed here, with your leadership, with a great experience of the military men and women in the uniform who are serving and have been serving in Afghanistan and committing there their everyday life, committing their service to bringing more stability, to bringing peaceful future to us, who are here and billions of other people around the world.
Those relationships that have been built for years of joints service of US and Georgian armies have built a great bridge between our two nations. The blood that was shred on the battlefields, this blood is bringing the fruits of further partnership of further unification of our great nations.
And why this is so that such a small country of Georgia that has 3.5 up to 4 million people strong and that part of whose territories are occupied and has foreign military on its soil, why is that small Georgia and superpower, like US have found together as allies on the battlefields?
And I will tell you why – Georgians value the price of peace, as well as the price of freedom most of all and they value as much as you, Americans do. And that’s why, a small country that has its own problems, that has its own obstacles to overcome, for tens of years has been standing arms-in-arms standing together with the US militaries and committing not only words but committing our blood and  our flash and our soul to those great goals that we have together.
So, some of the best students of our country trained together with you here.  They will come back to Georgia and serve the goals of our nation and they will serve the future of our partnership between our nations.
Those personal relationships that you are building here are very important and they will go through all your life.
I have gone through this. I have the same experience. The friends that I have met in campus became the friends together with whom I was building my future, business life and career. And that’s why, I believe that our exchanged relationships is going to be a start of future very important political and friendship, as well as professional partnerships.
So, let me thank you once again for a great experience that I have had here, of a great example of how tragedy can build positives, if it happens in a healthy and proper oriented community.
And I want to express hope that our partnership will be broadened and deepened.
Thank you.
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