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The president of Georgia opened Tbilisi International Conference “New Geopolitical Landscape of Europe”

Today the president of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili opened Tbilisi International Conference “New Geopolitical Landscape of Europe: Security, Economic Opportunities, Freedom and Human Dignity in Frontline Countries.” Conference is organized by McCain Institute for International Leadership in Georgia and by Economic Policy Research Center.
The president of Georgia and Prime Minister addressed to the audience, who were invited at the event.
Leader of the country has paid attention to the building process of the united, free and peaceful Europe, to the issues of regional security and threats, which derive from the foreign policy of Russia.
When discussing consequences of the August War 2008, Giorgi Margvelashvili noted that tragedy of Ukraine is a logical continuation of the international community’s inadequate response to the Russia’s aggression against Georgia seven years ago.
“I believe that security and stability of Europe cannot be achieved without considering examples of Georgia and Ukraine.
Also we should know how to deal with the policy of interests of privileged zones.
This is clearly and vividly elaborated foreign policy and message from Russia - Russia’s neighboring countries are in the interest zone of Russian federation and everything that occurs on those territories is considered by Russian politicians as sphere, where they can make decisions through any form, including military intervention. 
If we will talk about separate cases, what is happening in Georgia, in Ukraine, for example, in Crimea and Tskhinvali, it may not be correct approach. We have concrete foreign policy message and vision from Russia and instead of ignoring this, we should prepare response to this kind of attitude. Yet, I do not see elaborated response from group of countries to which we belong”, - said Giorgi Margvelashvili.
Within the conference discussion was held between President of Georgia, executive director of McCain Institute and former US ambassador in NATO – Kurt Walker.
Discussion touched to the democratic development of Georgia, current political, economic, foreign and security challenges and future strategy of the country.
As Giorgi Margvelashvili noted, after the restoration of Georgia’s independence, regardless of strict foreign pressure and economic crisis, Georgia still managed to implement and develop democratic reforms.  Despite the challenges, today, Georgia is an important part of the world geopolitical system.
The President also answered questions asked by the audience.
Tbilisi International Conference was attended by high officials, representatives of the Government and political parties, representatives of political, diplomatic, academic, expert circles and civil society in USA, Western and Eastern Europe.
Action plan will be elaborated and published after the end of the Tbilisi International Conference 2015. This will provide recommendations and will enable more effective support to the emerging democracies.
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