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Press Office   News   22 Companies to Offer more than 100 Vacant Positions to Persons with Disabilities at Job Fair

22 Companies to Offer more than 100 Vacant Positions to Persons with Disabilities at Job Fair

During the job fair for persons with disabilities held with support of the Presidential Administration, 22 companies offered more than 100 vacant positions to participants. At the initial stage 47 disabled persons have been selected.
President Salome Zourabichvili proposed the initiative to celebrate June 14th, the national day in Georgia for the protection of rights of persons with disabilities, outside of Tbilisi with a large-scale forum to be organized by the Administration of the President.
‘Taking into consideration that regional development is a top priority for me, and as employment of persons with disabilities is an even more complicated issue in the regions, I consider that the mentioned process has to be spread throughout the whole country. Hence, let’s celebrate June 14th, 2020, the National Day of Disability in Georgia, with a large-scale forum," stated the President at the forum.
The career exposition, held by the Presidential Administration in collaboration with the Social Service Agency, was dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
According to the President of Georgia, today’s job fair is a move forward as this issue is still unresolved in many developed countries and the integration process of disabled persons in society has not been realized to its full extent.
‘Today is a day of great significance not only in Georgia, but in the whole world, as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated.
‘It is not admissible to constantly talk about some economic and social advancement in the country without involving everyone in this process, without using everyone’s potential equally as our country is rich with human resources. This is about using skills of people with different abilities and recruiting them. Supporting this process is a joint responsibility of the state and the private sector.
‘Such a global work is only fulfilled when all sectors are engaged and work jointly on a strategy. 22 organizations participate in the current forum and I would like to thank all the participants representing the private sector and state agencies. Today’s forum has to be followed by other steps leading to engagement of more companies and employment of more people,’ highlighted President Zourabichvili.
Tamar Barkalaia, Deputy Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, and Levan Gogodze, Deputy Director of the Social Service Agency, also addressed the participants of the job fair.
22 companies participated in the forum, including Georgian Railway, Victoria Security, Adjara Group, TBC Insurance, GEPHA, Art Wood, Goodwill, Eco and Company, Geo Products company, IKEA, Gochit’s, UGT, Tbilservice Group, DIO and social enterprises such as Kodala, Youth House, Babale, and Employement Union of People with Disabilities.
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