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President Margvelashvili: We Should Turn May 26 to Celebration of Common Pride

As part of the campaign, "From Independence to Liberty - Centennial of the Republic", Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia has held a meeting with Tbilisi State Medical University students. President Margvelashvili has encouraged the students and professors to engage in the celebrations marking the crucial occasion for Georgia, the 100th anniversary of the First Georgian Republic.
"I have a great desire our society to be united by this celebration. Six presidents and the European Commissioner will visit Tbilisi on May 26. Such a large delegation has never visited Georgia. This visit clearly illustrates the support that our state receives from our friends.
I want these days to be our common celebration involving everyone. I want through this visit to show Europe our values, how we celebrate and how open we are in terms of sharing our joy with friends,” President Margvelashvili said, encouraging students and professors to take part in the essay contest financed by the Presidential Reserve Fund. Essays should be written on the 100th anniversary of Georgia’s First Republic. President Margvelashvili believes that the generations to come will be interested in the current generation’s view of the last 100 years and the future of Georgia.
President Margvelashvili has also spoken about Georgia’s achievements during the First Republic rule and highlighted the progressive ideas based on which the first Constitution of Georgia was written.
“100 years ago, Georgia's independence was once again restored. Georgian society has made a progressive decision to establish a democratic republic. This clearly demonstrated our nation's cultural and political orientation and the ability to quickly adapt to the environment. I perceive the period from the First Republic to the present day as the process from independence to freedom. Independence implies escaping something, while freedom is a more creative process that implies establishing something.
I strongly believe that the objective of our nation, what has been saving us for so many centuries is our self-identification and the ability to understand who we a are and what steps should we take in the future," President Margvelashvili said.

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