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​President Zourabichvili: State Flag Symbolizes Independence and Freedom of Our Country and Everything We Value!

A flag-raising ceremony has been held at Atoneli Palace to mark the National Flag Day of Georgia. The model flag, kept at Avlabari Presidential Palace was elevated at the yard of Atoneli Palace for the first time. Salome Zourabichvili, President of Georgia has hosted students at the ceremony and addressed the audience, speaking of the importance of the state flag.
"The state flag is a crucial national symbol. I am extremely happy to discuss its importance with you, young people, because this is a flag of the future. This is our historic flag, reflecting the entire history of our state, country and nation. We are aware that Georgians have fought under many flags to defend own state.
I personally grew up abroad under tricolor that was not a state flag. I was dreaming that one day Georgia would again have a state flag. Today, this flag is our state flag and we must respect it! Respecting our flag means respecting our country, its culture and identity!
No matter where you are, anywhere in the world, you are ambassadors of Georgia promoting this flag; therefore your actions should be suitable for this flag and country. Our soldiers inside the country and in missions outside the country’s borders protect this flag. Border guards protect this flag. Our fellow citizens, living close to the occupation line protect this flag and we are well-aware of the conditions in which they protect this state symbol. Our athletes respect this flag when they compete in world tournaments.
This flag unites our Georgian culture, a real treasure that we should preserve not less than we protect our flag. This flag symbolizes independence and freedom of our country and everything we value. Therefore we should respect and protect it!” President Zourabichvili said.
The state flag was adopted by the Parliament of Georgia on January 14, 2004. The National Flag Day has been celebrated since January 14, 2012. The model flag was first prepared in 2016.

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