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Joint Statements by the President of Georgia and the President of the Republic of Cyprus

President Zourabichvili and President Anastasiades issued joint statements at the State Palace of Ceremonies on 17 April as part of President Anastasiades’s official visit to Georgia.
The President of Georgia emphasized that today is a historic day as the President of the Republic of Cyprus is paying an official visit to Georgia for the first time since the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries 27 years ago.
“I want to thank President Anastasiades once more and emphasize the new level of our bilateral relations. In our discussions, we have brought up the future of our diplomatic, political, and economic relations’ development. Our governments need to take special attention to our economic relations and for this reason, we will be holding the Cyprus-Georgia Business Forum tomorrow in Tbilisi. We have an enormous potential to increase our cooperation in tourism and technology and in these sectors, Cyprus can share its personal experience.
“We talked about Cyprus’s endorsement of Georgia’s European integration. I hope that a high-level Cypriot delegation will be able to participate at the Batumi International Conference, which is set to be very important.
“We also discussed the issue of circular migration. One of our major demands with our partner nations in the European Union has been about negotiating agreements on circular migration. Cyprus has shown readiness to conclude such an agreement with us.
“It is very significant to see that Cyprus has granted Georgia the status of safe country and any support for our one mission, ‘More Europe in Georgia and More Georgia in Europe’, is extremely important as Cyprus remains one of Georgia’s partners in the European Union.
“Both our countries are stable, but with serious problems regarding occupied territories [Georgia] and conflict [Cyprus]. Both countries acknowledge the need and are ready to pursue only a peaceful path to solve the ongoing situations"
“Once more, I want to thank the President for Cyprus’s contribution to the EUMM. Cyprus is represented there with three monitors working on the administrative boundary line, a very important fact for Georgia. Indeed, this strongly demonstrates Cyprus’s unwavering support for Georgia’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence.
“We ought to keep this path of cooperation, not only accordingly to the documents that were signed today –concerning the exchange of confidential information, agriculture, and healthcare- but also in other directions.
“Joint projects should be accelerated and implemented in education and culture, especially the joint educational programs funded by the European Union and the joint archeological project ongoing. We need to strengthen these ties, as we countries with large historic ties.
“Again, I want to express my gratitude to the President of Cyprus for paying this official visit and I hope that the relations between our nations will be further strengthened,” said President Zourabichvili.
The President of Cyprus also expressed his gratitude to the President of Georgia for supporting the Cypriot territorial integrity and sovereignty.
“We both support each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will support Georgia’s path toward European integration. Cyprus has supported the implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union from the very beginning, which has been followed by positive outcomes.
“I want to positively assess all the efforts by you and your government in the successful implementation of the Association Agreement.
“On behalf of the Cypriot people, I want to thank you for supporting our country’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and for backing the UN resolutions thanks to our shared principles, which is significantly important,” stated President Anastasiades.
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