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President Margvelashvili Initiates Launching Anti-Drug Campaign

President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has initiated launching an anti-drug campaign. He believes that drugs are disastrous that instantly take away the lives of our citizens or lead to their social isolation; this is a fact that needs to be recognized without any politicization.
"Campaign should be carried out not by people like me, not some groups who do not understand the youth, but artists, musicians and painters who speak contemporary language. We will take the initiative to enable artists and electronic musicians to carry out the anti-drug campaign.
Everybody agrees that drugs are harmful, but this message needs to be properly communicated by clubbers, followers of electronic music and the youth, speaking the language of this culture. This should be a workable anti-drug campaign,” President Margvelashvili said, adding that the drug policy in Georgia should be liberal. We should not dissocialize our citizens or distance them from the regular social process. Fight against drugs should target drug dealers, not people doing drugs.
"We see eight people having been arrested for drugs charges. They are accused of street drug dealing. Fight against drugs should not start from dealers to consumers, but from dealers to organizers and importers. This should be the proper course of investigation; in this case, we will have serious arguments against drug crimes,” President Margvelashvili added.
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