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President Zourabichvili: “Wellness and Health Tourism to be Next Step”

President Salome Zourabichvili held a meeting with locals in Borjomi and talked about the region’s advancement perspectives and its potential.
As President Zourabichvili noted, she has visited numerous regions in the past six month. Just the day before, she visited Abastumani and noted the extensive reconstruction process, one of the most profound phases for the whole region’s development.
“I returned with an utterly positive impression from Abastumani. The full reconstruction of this small and important city is in a process that has a large potential to spread on the whole region.
“I am sure that the next step is the development of wellness and recreational tourism, which will be unified under one big strategy,” noted President Zourabichvili.
President Zourabichvili stated that our responsibility is to maximally preserve this wealth and save it against climate change problems.
President Zourabichvili expressed the readiness of the region’s popularization abroad. During her speech, while emphasizing the unemployment issue and significance of vocational education, she noted that the country currently has a lack of specialists in specific fields, which itself is a problem.
“We currently face a high rate of unemployment in the country.
“However, we cannot find proper specialists that are necessary for our country’s economy in many fields and because of this, workforce is hired from abroad. This should be balanced.
“To some extent, the Government should achieve this balance through appropriate planning and by providing information to citizens about the economy’s priorities where the workforce is required, but this is not only the government’s responsibility.
“The problem today is a lack of craftsmen who are needed for the country’s advancement,” underlined President Zourabichvili.
President Zourabichvili stated that she was very optimistic when seeing the country’s large perspectives and potential.
“We represent a small country and we have the possibility to be flexible. This depends on our society’s readiness to develop personal initiatives, which is extremely important, and without which nothing can happen.
“Unfortunately, people today have an attitude of waiting for some instructions, commands and advices. Time passes and the most successful people are those who take initiatives.
“Sure, it is difficult to start, but there are diverse state programs that encourage young people to prove themselves.
“I have seen many successful women in the regions who returned to their regions, because they took the initiative, they dared to do it. In many cases, women are braver,” noted President Zourabichvili.
After the President’s speech, members of the audience asked questions and made comments. Locals highlighted that they see an utterly important need to strengthen the environmental direction of the region. As President Zourabichvili noted, she is going to participate in international environmental conferences, both in the country and abroad, and will emphasize this issue from a high platform.
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