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​President Salome Zourabichvili Visits Afghanistan

Salome Zourabichvili, President of Georgia has paid a call on Georgian soldiers participating in the international peacekeeping mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
She has visited military bases where the soldiers of the Georgian Defence Forces, taking part in the NATO Resolute Support Mission, are deployed.
Along with Levan Izoria, Minister of Defence of Georgia and Major General Vladimer Chachibaia, Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces, President Zourabichvili has visited the Bagram Air Base to get acquainted with the activities of the Georgian peacekeepers. At the dinner with the soldiers, President Zourabichvili was briefed on the current challenges on site.
At the Bagram Air Base, President Zourabichvili has laid a wreath at the Memorial of Georgian military servicemen killed in Afghanistan and visited the church built by the Georgian soldiers.
In her address, the Supreme Commander has thanked the peacekeepers for their contribution to the world security and stressed the importance of their efforts to Georgia.
“I am honored to have the opportunity to address you here, in Afghanistan, today, when the entire Georgia celebrates Davitoba, in memory of David the Builder. This occasion adds more importance to my presence here; Davitoba is a symbol of the unity, our major goal, we are fighting for. Your presence here is a precondition for our country’s ultimate unification.
Your participation in NATO Resolute Support Mission contributes to the global peace and stability. Also, it is a crucial step forward for our country’s security and stability. Your professionalism and commitment are recognized by all our partners; you are honored ambassadors of our country. During my recent visit to Brussels, everybody acknowledged the professionalism of the Georgian soldiers. Through your professionalism, you prove that our compatibility with NATO is high, further strengthened by your participation in this mission.
In Brussels, I was very proud when ambassadors of all the countries have stressed your role in this mission in their addresses. This is actually the image of our country presented to the world. This is a precondition for our accession to NATO, and our ultimate goal of membership and integration. On behalf of the Georgian people and myself, I thank you and everyone who has served in this mission.
I would like to honor those who have died here. They will stay forever in our memory. They have made a great contribution to our country's NATO integration and, most importantly, to our progress and full-fledged membership to the international community.
Georgia, a worthy and trusted partner, will continue to properly carry out the duties and responsibilities taken and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to its partners in the mission as long as it is necessary. We will take part in this particular or other missions; we are ready to continue being a strong and important contributor to the international peace in the future. It is welcoming that the Government of Georgia and the Ministry of Defence take frequent measures to increase the motivation and salary of the military personnel.
It is especially noteworthy that their salary is gradually increased and our reforms in international missions are recognized as exemplary by the NATO members and partner countries. This ensures the reinforcement of the Georgian Defence Forces and the country’s defense capabilities. Unprecedentedly strengthened cooperation with NATO and the Unites States is a result of these reforms. The success of our reforms carried out in defence are reflected in higher confidence in Georgia, triggering stronger cooperation with our partners. This high confidence in Georgia and strengthened cooperation led to our purchase of Javelin anti-tank missiles from the United States.
The number of NATO-Georgia joint military trainings carried out on the territory of Georgia, and diversity of participants and military technology are increased. This year, we will host high-level visits of NATO Military Committee and the North Atlantic Council. These reforms resulted in more NATO in Georgia that means more security for our country,” President Zourabichvili said.
As part of the visit to Afghanistan, President Zourabichvili has held key meetings with General Daniel Conley, Bagram Airfield Commander, General Austin Scott Miller, Commander of NATO's Resolute Support Mission and Mohammad Ashraf Ghanī Ahmadzai, President of Afghanistan.
President Zourabichvili was accompanied by Levan Izoria, Major General Vladimir Chachibaia, Colonel Malkhaz Merlani, Georgia’s military representative to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Lasha Zhvania, Head of President Zourabichvili’s Administration.

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