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President Zourabichvili Meets Georgian Alumni of UK Study Programs

President Salome Zourabichvili talked about the importance of education in the country’s advancement at a meeting organized by the British Embassy in Georgia. As she noted, it is important to identify directions that are necessary for the country to help the youth to choose their profession.
At the welcome reception, British Ambassador in Georgia Justin McKenzie Smith hosted President Zourabichvili. He stressed the significance of the educational relations between Georgia and the UK as they define the steadfastness of our relations. Study programs in the UK are financed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense of UK and there are already 350 alumni from Georgia at those programs.
President Zourabichvili expressed her gratitude to the Ambassador for arranging the above-mentioned programs. She also stated that this is a large resource that Georgia has obtained for its students to get experience, education and return to their homeland with new capabilities.
According to President Zourabichvili, education is one of Georgia’s main challenges. Hence, the Government of Georgia expresses its readiness to allocate large amounts of resources – almost a quarter of the budget - for education, including vocational education.
“However, we do not manage to fully realize that human resource and capital that studied abroad and gained experience there. Some of them has returned back, but others left the country and this is because of us. We cannot prioritize programs in advance, we cannot tell to the youth what we need in a ten-year period. We do not say that after ten year, we will need engineers, ecologists, geologists, and more, and thus they study on the same specialties,” highlighted President Zourabichvili. 
After the President’s speech, the meeting with alumni of UK study programs proceeded with a Q&A session.
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