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President Zourabichvili meets Georgian Students and Diaspora Representatives in Tallinn

President Salome Zourabichvili named the diaspora and Georgian students studying abroad as the key strength for Georgia’s advancement and promotion.

She also mentioned that the diaspora is a great power fighting for the country’s development. “I am always glad to have the opportunity to meet with Georgians as part of my visits abroad. I am interested in how they live, who they are, and what are they engaged in.

It is interesting to learn how you foresee the mutual future for Georgia and Estonia, which I strongly believe we have.

Estonia managed to become a member of the European Union before us and we are following it a bit later.

“I am convinced that you have a significant role in this country as Estonia is our great friend. If we want to achieve our goal, we have to perform as the unified image of our country, defending Georgia’s priorities. “Estonians, other Baltic countries, and the Polish people are our friends and advocate on our behalf everywhere when it is possible.

However, nobody can support us as strongly as our diaspora and our students, which is natural and necessary. I want to express my gratitude for this in advance,” stated President Zourabichvili.

During the meeting, Georgian students discussed the opportunities and challenges regarding the use of their knowledge and experience after returning to their homeland. Students were interested in whether or not Georgia has a view for the state’s development, in which directions the country should be advancing to, and what niche should it find. They also asked questions about Georgia’s future steps toward European integration. According to President Zourabichvili, the following years should be used for integrating in the EU. Our purpose is to earn actual membership in the EU’s diverse sectors and programs. The President also noted that we should work on a daily basis to get specific results. Within ten years of the Eastern Partnership, we have an ongoing progress and, in order to keep that track, we should maintain the feeling of moving forward. President Zourabichvili also stressed the importance of the Batumi International Conference, which will be held this summer and dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership. The Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Estonia, on behalf of President Zourabichvili, arranged a welcome ceremony for Georgian students and representatives of the diaspora.

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