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Press Office   News   President Zourabichvili: ‘Deepening Technology Cooperation with Israel is Essential’

President Zourabichvili: ‘Deepening Technology Cooperation with Israel is Essential’

President Salome Zourabichvili visited the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation in Tel Aviv and toured the newest achievements of modern technology.

President Zourabichvili was hosted by Chemi Peres, son of former Israeli President Shimon Peres and Chairman of the Center, which promotes the technological achievements of Israel. 

The President stated that cooperation with Israel in the field of modern technologies is utterly important for Georgia.

Chemi Peres highlighted that during the short but multifaceted meeting with the President of Georgia, they talked about the activities of the Center and about peace-building through innovation.

“We walked through the galleries. Madam President had the chance to see the history of Israel, how it became an innovation nation […] She saw the challenges of tomorrow and opportunities to change the world. And we ended up in the expo that shows what Israeli companies are doing in the fields of healthcare, sustainable development, cybersecurity, information technology, and space research,” said Chemi Peres.

The newest and most innovative products of modern technology of Israel are exhibited at the Center.
President Zourabichvili visited the personal office of Shimon Peres, who spent his last years working in the Center.
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