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Address of President on Human Rights Day

Human rights are the fundament laid to the culture of the mankind. The inborn aspiration of a human being towards freedom and equality has always determined the progress in all periods of history. This aspiration reflected even in antic philosophy, Judaic-Christian ethics with all its sharpness and clearness has outlined the directions to the world's political, social and cultural development.
Georgian culture is the inseparable part of the world civilization. The supremacy of human rights and freedom is recognized and protected by our constitution, as our history is based on these very values.  The ideal of freedom was always the main guideline for Georgia's best leaders, poets, philosophers, political, religious and public figures.
The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations' General Assembly on December 10, 1948, was the final and irreversible, victorious accomplishment of long lasting and difficult process.
However, while we are marking the Human Rights Day together with the rest of the world, we should remember once again, that the tradition needs to be continued and further developed; we should remember that the moment when freedom is sufficient, the desirable state has been achieved and we have right to be satisfied, never comes in the history; we should remember that ensuring perfect freedom for each person is possible only by our daily, tireless efforts.
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