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Opening of NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Assessment Center

NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Assessment Center will further contribute to sophistication of the skill of our soldiers and partners in order to protect freedom and values around which we stand united”, - appealed President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili to the soldiers who were trained for NATO rapid reaction force.
Inauguration of the center was held at the territory of “Krtsanisi” National Training Center.
„I welcome dear Society, welcome to the corporals, sergeants, officers and generals.
I welcome the head of the General Staff, Defense Minister, and the Prime Minister. I welcome the Secretary General and the NATO-'s entire delegation.
First of all, I would like to thank entire delegation for their visit and sharing of our success.
I want to thank the Government of Georgia for achieving this success, thanks to the Parliament of Georgia and the delegation, which received this package at the Wells summit one year ago.
But before all, I would like to thank you – Georgian Soldiers! You have achieved this day at the price of your blood and hard working. Soldiers, who gave their lives at the battlefields, would have been proud of you. The glory and the memory of their names!
Today, you stand proudly with our country's future soldiers, who are growing up in our families. Today, we stand proudly on Georgian soil, because we strengthen our defense capabilities and protect values, for which we have been fighting all the time.
We improve defense capabilities of our free, independent and democratic state. We protect these values on our land and on the global scale; we protect human rights and the freedom.
We stand here proudly, because Georgian man cannot have more pride when defending peaceful sleep of their society.
Once again, I thank for this achievement and wish good luck to the Training Center.
God bless Georgia!”, - said president of Georgia at the opening ceremony of NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Assessment Center, which was attended by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who is visiting Georgia, also Head of Executive Government and the ministers.
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