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President Salome Zourabichvili Meets with Facilitator Ambassadors

President Salome Zourabichvili met with the ambassadors facilitating the political dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition – Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, Cristian Urse, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Georgia, Kelly C. Degnan, Ambassador of the United States to Georgia, and Hubert Knirsch, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Georgia.

The President thanked once again the Ambassadors for their engagement in the process founded on the principle of reinforcing stability within the country. The President noted during the meeting held at the Orbeliani Palace that Georgia has passed several democracy tests, but the process has yet to be completed and that peaceful and fair elections are crucial for Georgia.

“As I have so far, I will remain the guarantor of stability. This has been exactly the driving force behind my decision on pardoning. “In the ensuring of a peaceful environment for stability and depolarization, fake news, disinformation, hate speech, attacks on our partners and various organizations, such as the Lugar Research Center, are absolutely unacceptable. “In order for Georgia to pass yet another test successfully and to ensure stability, we need to be more careful, as we face various types of attempts, both from inside and outside the country. The involvement of and support from our foreign partners are crucial during this time,” said the President.
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