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Press conference of the President of Georgia in the Japan national press club

I want to welcome this audience and express appreciation of whole delegation for being here in Japan

Each and every member of our delegation was very excited to visit your great country, but believe it is the emotion of the majority of people who I represent. It’s emotional Georgians - we love, respect, and adore your culture, art and your people.

 I come for my nation which is located far from Japan, but during today’s meetings as well as thinking about future we found that we have lots in common and lots of common agenda, which I will try to express to you. 

Primarily, let’s start with the development of society and state. Georgia is one of the leaders in democratic development in the post-Soviet bloc, who has consolidated democratic process, who has established transparent and free elections and has changed governments through elections and has consolidated society around democratic values.

Georgia came out of the Soviet Union but was able to establish an independent democracy with functioning society in a very complicated environment. That’s why we are happy to have nations around the world, who have the same values and I will once more reiterate it.

If imagine Georgia on the map it is between Caspian and Black Seas, it is really a gateway from Asian to European and from European to Asian markets.

In this respect we are developing projects on transportation, infrastructure, development on energy projects, which are securing stable markets from Asia to Europe and vice versa da Georgia is very much committed to these goals.

Today we discussed how Georgia is one of the most investment friendly and liberally trade oriented states in the region. We discussed with our partners that we are N8 in the ranking for doing business in Georgia and high on the listings of the heritage foundation as well. So country with this location is very much open to partnership and to furthering communication roots from Asia to Europe and from Europe to Asia.

Through this year’s agreements that we have achieved with the EU and became associated member of EU, and with our old agreements with The CIS, free trade agreements with CIS countries, today we discussed with our partners, Japanese partners, that Georgia is opening up to a billion consumer free trade markets for investors in Georgia.

We were talking that last year for instance, Georgian wine-producing culture and at the same time, Japanese Cuisine has been identified as UNESCO human kind international heritage events. And we were thinking how to present and celebrate this jointly in Japanese and Georgian society.

But not only that we experience great love to your poetry, to your literature, to your arts. I was telling the Ambassador, that I Was brought up with the Illustrations of the hundred views of Fuji, I had two or three of them in my childhood. But sports there is a lot to be explored among us.

As democracies around the world, we share the same values in international relations and I thanked today and I will thank in future our Japanese colleagues who are supporting us on international issues and are very attentive to our international agenda in UN and supporting non recognition of the occupied territories as well as return of the refugees to their homelands.

Since becoming independent from Soviet Union Georgia has chosen a firm pro-western development and pro-democracy development agenda. Last year we had achievements in this respect with signing the Association agreement and getting a special package of partnership with NATO.

On international agenda one of our main issues is actually our common neighbor – this is Russian federation.

Since the beginning of this year we have witnessed a second wave of very aggressive Russian policy in the region. The first wave was in 2008 when Russia has occupied Georgian territories. The second wave was in 2014, since the beginning of this year in Ukraine.

Right now Russia is furthering occupation policy in Georgia and moving to full annexation of Georgian territories, we have expressed a very firm condemnation of these activities,

we have been warning our friends and partners around the world that this crisis in Georgia in Ukraine again in Georgia will be happening all the time until we have a very firm position on Russian’s foreign policy agenda, Russian politicians have been talking very openly that they view the ex-soviet union and in some cases as ex-Russian empire as the zoom of their privileged interest, which means that they can create their problems on these territories at any point they wish and desire.

This means that territorially the biggest country in the world with nuclear power expresses that all the surrounding neighbors should be worried and should be instable. As a result this means that the huge part of Euro-Asian territory is under a constant threat. This means tension on a big part of the globe which is determined with no good reason. We have been trying to give the message to Russian politicians that stable neighbors around their borders is a positive future not only for the neighbors but for the Russian Federation as well.

We have been trying to get the message to our friends and partners around the world that we should not be reacting from case to case in Ukraine and Georgia and again in Ukraine but we should be reacting globally to the policy of privileged interest zones. If we don’t stabilize the region, if we don’t do so, if we don’t understand that peaceful, stable and democratic neighbors are positive for the country, if we don’t solve these issues, we are de-stabilizing lives of hundreds of millions of people living in this part of the globe.

We as Georgians can talk about this because we are one of the most active contributors to global security, whether this is Central Africa, Afghanistan or in other missions, where the Georgian militaries have been taking their responsibility for international security.

That’s what I will be discussing and talking with my colleagues here in Japan and in other parts of the world – we’ll be trying to push a peaceful, solution- oriented and stability-oriented agenda for development of my country and my region as well as of global security environment.

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