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Speech of the President of Georgia at the PARA Friends' Club presentation

Dear Friends,
Being here today makes us feel proud, joyful and hopeful for many reasons. First of all, because we are celebrating a meeting, unification around what is called a skill, a power not to be afraid, not to fall down, show yourselves and keep the whim to fight.
For me this is an example of having hope, not to get scared like many other people manage to do so; like they succeed in giving hope with this power to other people like me, who look at you as an example.
The second important thing is that Georgia will show to the world in this part as well that we are special. When speaking about the ways which such a small country should behave to take its place on the world map while facing lots of challenges, I have mentioned many times the particular role of sports. They have marvelous talents in this country; marvelous talents, which are revealed this way in sports, arts, in examples of civil heroism and it should be noted that we are succeeding in these parts as well and we are placing Georgia on the world map with more optimism and brighter colors focused on the. This is yet another chance for survival of our country and for demonstrating our power once again.
I am glad that we are joining this group – the group of the people, who are optimistic about future thus giving hope to others.
I have stated many times before that when speaking about limited abilities, we also mean a kind of reinforcement, a chance to reveal other talents in a better way. This is reality; this is a rule of nature: if one ability is reduced then naturally other talents are strengthened.
From the very first days of our work, the state of Georgia and its government demonstrated this clearly and I remember that it was the starting days, because exactly a year ago we emphasized sharply that it was our priority to create equal conditions for all citizens. It means not only ensuring compensation for some kind of limits, for example, arranging infrastructure, it also means that we should give each person an opportunity to find and express their individual talents and create circumstances for using these skills. I am happy that we are moving and we'll be moving together on this road.
Today we see the activity of the authorities in this process. We see the ministers whose work is well-known to me. I see this and we showed in the video presentation how intensively other ministries are involved in this process. It should be noted that along with the ministries, president's administration is keeping engaged in this movement and work. As soon as the new structure of the president's administration is formed, we shall have a special coordinator, who will work with you to draw a strategy for enhancing our joint efforts and launch a large-scale movement for opening a road for each person in their attempts to reveal themselves.
Georgia has always been a place for showing one's skills and talents. There were periods when this opportunity was limited, but today we are starting a new way of life, when the abilities are not limited but on the contrary, they are given a chance to be used to maximum.
I would like to thank the organizers of this event; thanks to BP Company, which is so intensively and correctly engaged in our joint work. I should say that your words that you need government's support should be said this way – we need to work together and to be together! We need you very much to have progress, to have power, not to be afraid and to trust in success – as you usually do. Not only you need support by the government, but we together need the development of our country.
I want you to know that I need you for my firmness and for my strength. Be sure that I will give back what I receive from you and I will do this by cooperation.
With a desire to cooperate, with hope and thoughts about future plans, I want to congratulate you once again on this occasion.
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