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The toasts proposed by the presidents of Georgia and Azerbaijan at the official dinner

President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev

Dear guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

Mister President, I would like to welcome you once again here, in Azerbaijan.

We have been together since the morning, we held negotiations and discussed very important issues of regional and bilateral cooperation and we exchanged our visions for further relations.

I should say that we have common visions and complete coincidence of opinions on all issues on the agenda.

The main thing is that we are both prepared to intensively develop bilateral cooperation in all directions.

Today, we analyzed all that has been already done and we determined the ways for developing relations in the future.

First of all, this is strengthening political cooperation, supporting each other at international structures, providing irreversibility of the implementation of energy and transport projects of global importance – this is very important too, because Georgia and Azerbaijan play significant role in this process. This very coordination and mutual support ensures the successful implementation of the projects, which have gone beyond the regional frames already.

I believe that we’ll have much more progress during next years in the spheres of energy, infrastructure, transport and communications.

We also discussed the prospects of economic cooperation.

I think that we have a good potential to increase freight turnover. We only need to use this potential of our countries better and offer convenient conditions to private entrepreneurs so that they can export the product made in our countries by meeting market requirements.

The investment projects are already underway and we also have good prospects in this direction. I think that the valume of investments will further increase next years, which will allow us to support the integration of our economics.

So, we also have full understanding, sharp vision and prospects of interaction on other issues, including humanitarian cooperation.

For this Georgia and Azerbaijan play significant role in regional issues and this is based on the relations of our people.

For centuries, our nations lived in accord and friendship as neighbors; they always expressed support to each other, they do so today and so it will happen in the future.

This is our main wealth, which we have succeeded to preserve, but we still should add more to it.

Of course, when our people see that their leaders have similar positions and support each other, this is a good sign for strengthening contacts on all levels and for creating new opportunities.

Ensuring successful future is feasible by close cooperation and we have complete accord on this issue.

I believe that our countries will succeed to reach the goals we have chosen in order to become developed states.

I know that Georgian government is intensively carrying out reforms in all spheres and they are effective.

I wish you success in the process of reforming.

I am sure that your plans will be realized. We will be only pleased with your success, achievements and victories and as friends, we’ll always stand beside your – this has been determined by history.

I think that the fate and the nature have expressed their goodwill towards our nations when they inhabited us side by side.

The example of our relations is really worthy of being researched, because neighbor states and nations do not always live in peace and harmony, they are not often so kind with each other as Georgian and Azerbaijani peoples.

This is a wealth, which needs to be maintained and protected. We’ll do so and we’ll work together to improve the life of our peoples and to strengthen our countries.

I wish Georgia success, victories and prosperity.

This is a toast to Georgian president; I wish happiness and well-being to brother Georgian nation.


President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili

Mister President!

Primarily, I want to express my astonishment about what I and the members of my delegation have seen in Baku today.

Of course, my visit started with the impressions I have after our first meeting.

We met and talked about the future of our region and our countries, but I should emphasize that sharing our visions and attitudes towards the future projects, common visions on solution of existing problems, mostly conditions the future of the development of our region and projects.

It is impossible not to be impressed with the projects that are underway in Azerbaijan, as well as with the speed of implementation of these projects.

We had an opportunity to see revived Baku and we were impressed with what and how things are developed here,

Naturally, for this development, Azerbaijan and your government take strength from those past processes, which were in progress earlier in the period of Heidar Aliyev.

We are happy that these projects are still in progress and they are fruitful.

As you mentioned, cooperation between our nations is exemplary not only for the region, but for many other nations as well. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we managed to establish our statehoods and relationships on the basis of fraternity, mutual understanding and respect.

Of course, we look forward with hope and we have big plans.

Energy or transport projects, which you have mentioned, in fact are the guarantees not only for the development of our nations and countries, but for the progress of other states as well.

I believe that many states of our contemporary world are watching our cooperation and I believe that the fruit of this cooperation will bring up best plants in the future.

Therefore, as the partner and transit state, which works with you for the development of these projects, we are expressing our dedication to the principles, on which this cooperation is based. We hope that these projects will be implemented by all means.

I also want to underline that we have effective cooperation in politics as well and this process has its own history.

Yes, we support the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan as well as Azerbaijan supports the territorial integrity of Georgia and we present this position in a very organized manner at international forums.

We hope that the problems, which our states are facing, will be resolved peacefully, in accordance with the norms of international law and our cooperation is a precondition for this road.

If we return to our cooperation during past twenty years, we should reiterate that contribution of our peoples to this process is unmeasurable. People, who stood together as brothers and not only worked for the development of their countries, but also treated the neighbor states with respect.

The particular role of the ethnic Azerbaijani communities in Georgia and the ethnic Georgian communities in Azerbaijan should be also mentioned here, because they contribute much to the process of reinforcing ties between the two nations.

Once again, I’d like to say that this is an unforgettable day for me and for the members of our delegation.

We are full of the feeling of cooperation, kind neighbor relations, friendship and therefore, this feeling will be transformed into real projects, economic, political and cultural relationships. I should emphasize this factor too; it is very important, because there are cultural societies beyond economic projects.

We are watching the implementation of projects in the spheres of education and science with great attention; these projects should be further developed both in Georgia and Azerbaijan and we hope that our cooperation in these areas will be also very intensive.

Once again, I’d like to thank you sincerely and propose a toast to the friendship of Georgian and Azerbaijani nations.

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