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President Margvelashvili: We Invited Leaders of the Countries That Restored Independence after Collapse of the Russian Empire to Celebrate May 26

As part of the campaign "from Independence to Liberty – Centennial of the Republic", the President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has held a meeting with librarians in Telavi, Kakheti region. He has encouraged librarians of rural libraries to be actively involved in the celebrations to be held to mark the 100th anniversary of Georgia's independence.
The meeting has been held at Telavi Center for Civic Engagement and moderated by the Head of the National Library of Georgia, Giorgi Kekelidze.
According to President Margvelashvili, essay contest will be announced in the nearest future; involvement of librarians in the contest will be beneficial to raise the awareness of young people and help them in understanding and evaluating historical events.
As President Margvelashvili has pointed out, over last years, rural libraries have become educational and social spaces with the support of Presidential Administration and Reserve Fund.
"I would like to ask you to put your efforts in helping the society better understand the significance of this date and realize the events that have been evolving throughout the hundred years of independence. To mark this occasion, we have invited representatives of those countries to Georgia that have restored independence 100 years ago after the collapse of the Russian Empire,” President Margvelashvili said and drew attention to those progressive ideas that have been carried out by the establishment of the first republic.
"Tomorrow, on February 21st, we will mark the anniversary of adopting the Constitution by the First Georgian Republic.
The adopted Constitution is a document based on the highest democratic standards. Our ancestors were ready to establish the modern state where women were granted the right to vote, and the rights of the opposition were protected. I would like the society to share this emotion and understand and evaluate the complexity of the epoch. I hope your readers will also take part in the essay contest and reflect the emotions of modern Georgians.
We have been liberated from the Russian Empire; we have become independent and it is astonishing; however, independence pushes us toward freedom. Liberty bears additional meaning when aspiring toward an aim; liberty is a thoughtful aspiration toward the future. We need to know our plans, aims and ways of life,” President Margvelashvili said and highlighted that this important date determined the future of our nation and state and the political direction of the country.
“Fifteen centuries ago we made the European political choice. In order to overcome the existing difficulties, our emphasis should be made on building a free state by free citizens and free society that will ensure our future development,” President Margvelashvili said and thanked librarians of rural libraries for their selfless work.
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