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President Margvelashvili: It Is Extremely Difficult for Me to Sign This Constitution, but We Should Take All Steps to Avoid Possible Causes of Destabilization

The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has signed amendments to the Constitution of Georgia and made the following statement today:
"Working on constitutional amendments began a year ago. It has been obvious since the very first day that the ruling party aimed at adopting a one-party Constitution.
That is why, the society is well aware of it, I was the first person talking about the prospect of adopting a one-party Constitution and taking steps accordingly.
Throughout the entire year, my team and I have been stating one simple truth both inside and outside the country’s borders that the Constitution is for all; we have been attempting to adopt a document based on consensus. At the end, I used my veto power for the same purpose as well.
Unfortunately, the "Georgian Dream" could not go beyond the tradition and, as it has happened before, the Parliament adopted the one-party Constitution.
This is why it is extremely difficult for me to sign this Constitution; however, considering the country’s internal and external challenges and the fact that we should take all steps to avoid possible causes of destabilization, I, as the Head of State, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Georgian Armed Forces and, the Constitution guarantor, am signing this document. 
Throughout the entire process, we have been attempting to establish European standards in Georgian society. There was a second standard as well, that of the "Georgian Dream"; the party for which former governments’ deeds appeared to be a height, impossible to overcome.
I would like my current move to be considered as an example of the fact that, according to this higher standard, sometimes politicians may not use all means, considering state ideologies and state interests.
At the same time, I would like to call on our community to be more active, powerful, fruitful, and effective in the process of establishing democracy. I am convinced that we will establish more effective democracy, together with our society, and eventually adopt a document of agreement.
In this regard, we will face a very important challenge in two days. In two days we, citizens of Georgia, will have an opportunity to take another significant step towards further strengthening our rights and Georgian democracy; we will have the local self-government elections.
We encourage each and every citizen to be active, go to polling stations, take their civic responsibility, and contribute to the advancement of democracy. You should be actively engaged in the formation of the Government from your towns, villages, and districts; you should take a step forward towards more pluralism and democracy," President Margvelashvili said.
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