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President Margvelashvili: Decisions and Conclusions of Constitutional Court Stimulate Development of Our State

Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia has opened the Third Congress of the Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions (BBCJ) and addressed the audience. The Constitutional Court of Georgia hosts the Congress in Tbilisi, as a chairman country of BBCJ.
President Margvelashvili has underscored the importance of the Congress that improves the quality of the constitutional law. As he further noted, a constitution, ideally, combines two important aspects. The first is the universal values of social, cultural and spiritual life of a nation; while the second is the specifics of a country, the natural condition of local population that matches traditions, governance and public relations of a country. These two important aspects create a basic framework for a country, according to which it operates, develops and becomes a part of a cultural process of humanity.
"From this point of view, activities of the Constitutional Court develop and deepen this process in the same context. I am glad that the Constitutional Court serves these values, interpreting the Constitution in the modern European context. Decisions and conclusions of the Constitutional Court stimulate development of our state,” President Margvelashvili said, highlighting the importance of steps forward taken by Georgia throughout the country’s dramatic history. One of these steps, according to President Margvelashvili, is related to adoption of the first Constitution.
"Our nation has a truly dignified past. In critical moments, the state that has a very dramatic history has always been making the choices that determined our nation's full convergence with spiritual or cultural processes of humanity.
Georgian people took a very progressive step by choosing the Republican form of rule. Along with establishing the Republic, we adopted the Constitution that we proudly share with each other even today. Our first Constitution recognized women's rights, abolished the death penalty and secured independence of the branches of government,” President Margvelashvili said, adding that Georgian nation and state have clearly defined their European course of development since the very first moment of restoration of independence.
The Congress has been attended by chairmen and judges of BBCJ member countries and senior delegates from the European Court of Human Rights and the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe.
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