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President Margvelashvili: Our Main Goal Is to Create More Friends and More Allies, the Countries Interested in Security and Stability of This Small Nation

The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has visited the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research and delivered a public lecture.
In his address, President Margvelashvili has underscored Georia’s new security architecture, the challenges facing the country and the importance of developing partnership between Georgia and the Emirates.
President Margvelashvili has assessed tempo of development of the Emirates as impressive. He has noted that this tempo gives other nations a hope and makes it visible how much can be achieved when a country has a targeted view that is concentrated to the future wellbeing of own society.
President Margvelashvili has highlighted Georgia’s geo-political role and opportunities that the country opens up for its neighboring states and partners.
“As it was already mentioned, Georgia plays a very significant role in a very important region. A region that is connecting global economies, economies of Asia and economies of Europe and more locally, economies of the Caspian Sea and the resources that are around the Caspian Sea in the Central Asia with the Black Sea and as it was mentioned, giving the coast and giving trade opportunities to numerous nations on the both sides, East and West. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, our leaders and very much our late president Eduard Shevardnadze who was a very strategic thinker were very actively engaged in cooperation between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey and created the link, the link which united energy resources and export opportunities of the Caspian basin to the Black Sea and Turkey. This was done some 25 years ago.
For this 25 years we have been committed very strongly to this vision and to the vision of creating opportunities to the countries East of Georgia, as well as, West of Georgia. We have invested in development of the transportation system, communications and infrastructure for this cooperation and now we can say that Georgia has become one of the most interesting and prospective parts of the global trans-Euro-Asian project which is happening with active engagement of China and which is the project of One Belt One Road, including not only far Eastern trade routes but also routes that start from Afghanistan, go through Turkmenistan, through Caspian and finalize in Georgia. There are many other opportunities that we are very open and very dedicated to engage. Not only we very actively developed infrastructure for this cooperation, but we have also properly targeted our policy towards this kind of global projects,” President Margvelashvili said and added that Georgian policy is always oriented on harmonizing tariffs and legislations, creating opportunities for different business sectors, as well as, creating a great business environment within the country.
President Margvelashvili believes that Georgia has a clear vision of the future. The country’s main goal is to create more friends and more allies, the countries interested in security and stability of this small nation and the countries that understand the strategic importance of Georgia’s location.
“While developing these projects and while engaging and embracing our partners from the East and West, we increased the number of the states that are crucially interested in stability of the region and my country. In 2019, it will be the top project that will be starting from Baku and will be finalized in Italy and Greece, basically, securing the South of Europe with energy solutions. It means that we will have more supporters and more friends and we are also very actively trying to engage more countries into these new opportunities. Coming here and discussing and strategizing the future with our friends, we see great things that we can share with each other. For instance, the experience that could be shared concerning the way of managing logistics and creating a hub for concentration of the major trade opportunities that are in the region,” President Margvelashvili noted.
As he highlighted, another interesting part of Georgia’s trade and economic policy is that the country is very open to free trade opportunities. Georgia is a small market of three and a half million people, but investing in Georgia means investing in the market that has a free trade with Europe, Turkey, former Soviet Union countries and China. So, this means that Georgia opens up a gateway to the major global economies.
According to President Margvelashvili, talking about the future plans and partnership, it is also crucial to stress the current challenges facing Georgia.
“These challenges are very important for Georgia because as a nation with small population, we are located in a very strategic region, on the crossroad and we are looking for further security. We are looking for the mechanism to secure our stability. The challenges of Georgia are basically, the new solutions that are based not on the principle of the rule of law, but on the new power games that are happening in the region. I represent the country 20% of which is occupied. It is occupied by a neighbor country, a nuclear superpower. It is occupied with violation of every mandate of international law and even with violation of historic and economic logic. Occupation of Georgia did not bring anything to Russia. Russia has the biggest territory and did not need to occupy other countries. This is a precedent that is very problematic for Georgia and its stability, because if we do not come to general respect of rule of law and treaties that we sign with each other, if we do not come to respect to international organizations and international formats that are going to be securing stability for countries that do not have nuclear power or big enough armies to fight superpowers, then we will face instability in the years to come. This instability is far beyond the expected range of possibility that can happen,” President Margvelashvili added.
He has also spoken about the mechanisms for dealing with these challenges. President Margvelashvili said that Georgia is very actively outreaching friends across the globe and encouraging them to come together in support for the rule of law and goodwill policy and in condemnation of the use of a harsh military power against smaller neighboring states.
“I would say our diplomacy is very successful in this respect. We have gained quite a high level of support from the international community. We are strengthening our path in this direction and we are trying to become more convincing. While convincing our friends and allies, we say that if we do not come to joint solutions, these problems that are happening in Georgia or Caucasus, can then echo in other parts of the global world.
So, when I visit the great nations like this, I always look for the opportunity to share common values, hopes and principles of inter-state relations, as well as to build future plans. My presence here is very pleasant and also perspective-oriented because we look at the future with the same position. We look at the future from the position of building peace and stability, showing society what are the future plans and perspectives and creating projects that will benefit all of us and bring solutions to all of the nations engaged in this discussion,” President Margvelashvili concluded.
At the end of the discussion, he responded to the questions of the audience about Georgia's investment potential, future plans and prospects for developing tourism.
Prior delivering the lecture, President Margvelashvili and Georgian delegation members explored the Center for Strategic Studies and Research, visited the media center and library and presented the library with Shota Rustaveli’s poem, the Knight in the Panther’s Skin.

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