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Press Office   News   ​President Margvelashvili: I Award Bernard Fassier and Eric Braive to Thank French People for Their

​President Margvelashvili: I Award Bernard Fassier and Eric Braive to Thank French People for Their Exceptional, Crucial, Emotional, and Strong Support

As part of his visit to Paris, Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia has posthumously awarded the Order of Honor to Bernard Fassier, the first resident Ambassador of France to Georgia.
Bernard Fassier was awarded for his personal contribution to the worldwide promotion of Georgian culture, science and art; also for supporting Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and fruitful diplomatic activity. President Margvelashvili has handed over the award to Bernard Fassier’s wife.
He has also awarded the Order of Honor to Eric Braive, former Mayor of Leuville-sur-Orge for his personal contribution to strengthening the friendly relations between France and Georgia and returning the historical Leuville Chateau Estate to Georgia.
The award-ceremony, organized by the Georgian Embassy in France has been held in the Cercle interallié.
President Margvelashvili, addressing the audience, highlighted the efforts of the people who have dedicated their lives and activities to Georgia.
"I am glad to express the emotions of many Georgians toward Bernard Fassier and Eric Braive. The emotions that my compatriots have towards these people. I have heard from many of my friends about the exceptional friendship between Fassier and the Georgian people.
It is hard for a diplomat to leave the society filled with such emotions and love after the end of term. The crucial contribution of Fassier to deepening Georgia-France cooperation was also filled with great love. His contribution was exceptionally valuable, considering the period, when we were attacked by our Northern neighbor. Mr. Fassier was performing an important role in strengthening our country.
As for the Leuville Estate and Mr. Braive, your activities are directly related to the special historical part of Georgia. You reflect the warm and caring emotions of the French towards Georgia.
After the occupation of Georgia in 1921, our government, expelled from Georgia, was sheltered in France. France was actively supporting Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Leuville shared Georgia’s tragedy and burden. You continue implementing the projects that promote Georgia-France relations up to date.
Therefore, to express the gratitude on behalf of the Georgian citizens and myself, I thank the French people for their exceptional, crucial, emotional, and strong support. I take a bow to honor Mr. Fassier who is not with us today. At the same time, I am proud to see his great offspring who receive this award on his behalf," President Margvelashvili said.
Eric Braive has thanked President Margvelashvili for appreciating his efforts. “I am glad that the Leuville Estate was returned to Georgia during my term,” he said.
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