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President of Georgia Holds Official Dinner in Honor of the Cypriot President

President Salome Zourabichvili hosted an official dinner in honor of Nikos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus, and First Lady Andri Anastasiades at the State Palace of Ceremonies.
Giorgi Margvelashvili, fourth President of Georgia, and his former First Lady of Georgia Maka Chichua were also in attendance at the official dinner, along with other officials. As noted by President Zourabichvili during her speech, the dinner is the first occasion when a former President attends such a significant event.

“Such a tradition has never been set before and I hope we are setting the ground for this tradition,” said the President.

The Presidents of Cyprus and Georgia toasted the friendship between the Georgian and Cypriot peoples.
“Cyprus was, first and foremost, a way for Georgia to reach the Holy Land. We bear the famous story of Lasha-George, son of our great Queen Tamar, traveled to the Holy Land via Cyprus.

“This set the base of the close relationship between the Georgian and Cypriot peoples. Throughout history, we became trusted allies and kept this friendship strong.
“The Georgian monastery of Gialia in Cyprus, which both our nations are proud of, is evidence of our long-lasting friendship.
“Archeological excavations in Gialia, the monastery’s renovation and placing it on the Cypriot touristic route illustrate the importance of cultural heritage and its value to you.
“Our existing cooperation on cultural heritage preservation is absolutely unique and this trusted relationship has been historically reciprocal. Georgian king Heraclius II showed an exceptional care toward the Kykkos Monastery.
“We should praise that time does not harm such a deep relationship. Almost two years have passed since the launch of the archeological expedition in Alaminos and Softades, two villages with a heavy Georgian background according to historical sources. This expedition has been conducted by a Georgian mission, which I want to thank you for.
“I want to express our appreciation for the Archbishop of Cyprus and the Cypriot government for its decision to donate 13,000 square meters of land to the Catholicos-Patriarchate of All Georgia to build a Georgian monastery complex in Ayia Marina Chrysochous, a historical decision that we truly appreciate.
“I want to also emphasize that from the early days of Georgia’s independence restoration, when our country was in dire need to resolve our water supply problems in Tsalka, Mr. Georgios Iacovou contributed and helped us tremendously. Mr. Iacovou was the President of the National Foundation for the Reception and Resettlement of Repatriated Greeks.
“A free medical institution was established thanks to his support, a valuable humanitarian work.
“It is our duty to maintain this rare respect toward one another than only few can count on across the centuries. I am confident that our generation will keep this path of mutual respect firm on the ground.
“I want to strongly welcome you in Georgia and wish you peace, and great success.
Let me toast to you for the friendship of the Georgian and Cypriot peoples!” Said the President of Georgia.
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