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Press Office   News   Day of the Constitution was solemnly celebrated at the Presidential Palace

Day of the Constitution was solemnly celebrated at the Presidential Palace

Today Presidential Palace hosted solemn reception dedicated to 20th anniversary of the Constitution.
Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Head of the Parliament, Prime Minister and President of Georgia addressed to the invited guests – Members of Georgian Parliament, executive and legislatives bodies of the government, also representatives of nongovernmental sector.
“Today we celebrate an important date. On today’s day, 20 years ago, Georgian society has firmly expressed its will to build democratic, just, social and peaceful state based on the respect of human rights.
On today’s day, 20 years ago, members of the parliament who signed the Constitution, have led our state, in the world of civilized nations.  
It was a historic day and since that day social and political life of our state has been developing according to this document.
When I think about past of our country, about the force which enabled us to overcome most difficult periods and to endure most difficult historical cataclysms, I think about our ability to get united around the same values.
In historical times, when we faced difficulties, unity around the values, our lifestyle and the protection of our homeland gave spirit to our ancestors to withstand these hard periods.
Now we face another mission to create and strengthen democratic and just state. On this way to achieve aforementioned goal it is still important to get united around values, which are written down in our most important legal document – in the Constitution.
Unity around these values enables each citizen of Georgia not only to protect their rights and freedom but to participate in the development and strengthening process of our country.
It is a false idea that constitution is only created for lawyers and politicians. Constitution is for all citizens, according to the spirit of this document, each citizen is born as free despite their status. Everyone is equal before the law.
In this spirit we are creating modern society and building modern country. Thus, our social-political aim is to make constitution common, public document.
For the popularization of the Constitution we initiated a presidential competition - “My Constitution” for young people. It will contribute in youth to study, analyze and discuss the Constitution. I am convinced that each of us is eager to actively engage in this process for popularization of the Constitution.
Also, I would like to share an idea to announce today’s day as a holiday. This will illustrate that the constitution belongs to each citizen.
Once again I congratulate you on this day!
God bless Georgia!” – said President of Georgia Giorgia Margvelashvili.
The guest of this solemn reception saw the exhibits in the foyer of the palace – Book of Law by Vakhtang VI, Constitution of 1921 and 1995, restoration act of Independence of Georgia.
Ceremonial reception at the Presidential Palace was ended with the National Anthem of Georgia.
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