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​President Margvelashvili Calls on the Government to Urgently Establish a Structure Replacing the National Security Council

Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia calls on the Government to follow the agreement and urgently establish a structure that will replace the National Security Council. President Margvelashvili highlights the importance of establishing the body that will enable high-ranking officials to take political decisions on the country’s defense capabilities.
“I would like to call on my colleagues to follow the agreement and promptly establish a structure that will replace the National Security Council. This should be done before a new president takes office and a new constitution enters into force. The National Security Council, the body that has been operating for years and providing solutions to ensure the country’s defense capabilities will no longer function under the new constitution of Georgia that will soon come into force. The country should not be left without such an institute even for a single day. Unfortunately, we are not the nation that can wait for days nonchalantly until the structure is established. The structure that will enable high-ranking officials to take political decisions is crucial, regardless of Georgia’s success, the actions taken by the Ministry of Defense to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities and our efforts to enhance cooperation with our partners. I do not mean analytical decisions, but political decisions based on analytics. These are the decisions that, in case of necessity, become directives for the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and other structures, in order our soldiers who bravely protect own country from the most threatening enemy to be confident while performing their duties imposed by the political leadership.
Absence of such an institution is the shortcoming that our partners also recognize. Moreover, the political party that abolished the National Security Council agreed to establish the structure that will replace the Council and the country will have the body that will provide solutions to the country’s challenges in terms of defense capabilities. Unfortunately, this did not happen. We will elect the new president and adopt the new constitution until the end of this year and we will no longer have the National Security Council,” President Margvelashvili said at the opening of Georgia Defense and Security Conference 2018. The Conference, also attended by security experts and civil society focuses on the regional security and stability challenges.
According to President Margvelashvili, Georgian people have the ultimate goal to become members of the Euro-Atlantic community and the Georgian Government is fully committed to this goal. He believes that Georgia’s success in terms of NATO integration is also a part of this process. Georgia-NATO cooperation indeed develops, President Margvelashvili said, considering the joint military training programs and political dialogues with the NATO-member states.
"Commitment of the brave Georgian soldiers is also a crucial part of this process. Through their efforts Georgia advances toward Euro-Atlantic integration. At this Conference, I would like to once again highlight their great contribution to facilitating Georgia’s NATO integration and ensuring the global security. Eternal remembrance to our compatriots who have fallen on the battlefield while upholding these values. Georgia develops on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration; however, the country’s development is constantly hindered by the Northern neighbor that causes numerous problems to the neighborhood and global security. The Russian Federation started a deliberate war against Georgia in 2008. 
We remember well that the Russian Armed Forces crossed the Georgian border and occupied 20 percent of our homeland. The same happened in the early 90’s. Military intervention in Tskhinvali region and Abkhazia are what we have been calling the “hybrid war” since 2014. The hybrid war was tested in Georgia in the early 90’s. Russia improved its capabilities. We should remember that in the 90’s, Euro-Atlantic integration of the new Georgian state that was developing its identity and statehood in the modern world was deterred by the military force, through the hybrid war,” President Margvelashvili said.
In his address, President Margvelashvili also touched upon the challenges facing Georgia in the Euro-Atlantic integration process.
“Speaking of the Russian aggression, incident of 2008 is often said to be Russia’s legitimate response to Georgia’s NATO integration because Georgia decided to integrate into NATO and achieved a great success in this regard. This is merely a propagandistic lie; the lie that has been circulating very actively and the lie which we have to disclose to the world. In 2008, Georgia faced one of the waves of the Russian aggression. In fact, Russia's response to Georgia’s freedom and independence is a military aggression. Such military aggression does not happen only in Georgia.
The similar military aggression was carried out in Ukraine; Crimea was annexed and the Eastern Ukraine occupied. Considering the context, the aims of the Russian state toward its neighbors are clear. Today we still face the same challenge. The Russian military mechanism and its important constituent - propaganda mechanism are still active not only in Georgia and Ukraine, but also in NATO member states. This is the reality we have to face and the reality according to which we define our action and future plans,” President Margvelashvili said, noting that no one would have imagined Russia’s proactive propagandistic activities after the fall of the Soviet Union.
"This proactivity requires adequate and organizational responses. Therefore, gatherings like this Conference, being a wonderful opportunity to formulate responses to this propaganda mechanism should be the basis for our consolidation on a common position and message, uniting all the countries that believe in international relations, international law and a nation's right to determine its own future not through military aggression, but cooperation.
This unity is crucial for our society that aims to become a member of the Euro-Atlantic community, is continually attacked by the Russian propaganda and sacrifices everything for this purpose to be more confident and backed by the Georgian state and the partner countries,” President Margvelashvili concluded.
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