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Salome Zourabichvili - Today necessary steps are taken for society's and nation's reconciliation and unification

The President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili held a reception ceremony for the family members of the victims died on April 9 as well as for the persons signed the Act of the Restoration of Georgia’s Independence at the State Palace of Ceremonies. 
The President of Georgia delivered her speech before the audience and noted that standing in front of Georgia’s old and new flags is a distinguished feeling for her as well as for the audience being there. It is related to many things, including our homeland. For those flags, the huge number of people sacrificed themselves setting the ground for the country’s eternal independence.
The President of Georgia started her speech by remembering the memories of heroes died on April 9 and with a minute of silence paid her tribute to their memories together with the audience gathered at the Palace.
“Today, on April 9, for the first time, we are hosting a the joint event together at the State Palace of Ceremonies and I would like to thank you for this!
We are welcoming here all members of First Appeal’s Supreme Council. Restoration of Georgia’s Independence is true merit of these people.
Your presence here means recognizing them. Their presence is the first important step taken for public consent.
Today, here are the family members of those died on April 9, 1989, and the Supreme Council that opened the door for Georgia’s independence and it is not the coincidence.
April 9 is the date, upon which each Georgian has a special attitude.
April 9 is a tragic date in our memories. It reminds us the endured trouble. Nevertheless, tragedy makes us stronger, - all our history is clear evidence of this. 
April 9 is a clear pattern of it, too.
This tragic event gave us the power to overcome the capture of the Soviet Empire and to create the ground for independence. 
Without this date, neither referendum would be held, nor gaining the independence would be possible.
As the Passion Week, as well as crucifixion, is followed by Easter holiday, the declaration of referendum and restoration of Georgia’s independence is correspondingly pursued and based on the tragic event happened on April 9.
Today’s Georgia stands on their achievements.
Society should remember and the youth should be aware of the history of those people sacrificed themselves and by doing that, brought us our freedom.
It is not affordable, not to express respect towards the first President of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia who headed the fight for independence.
It is not admissible not to expend respect towards the gathered members of the Supreme Council who made a huge contribution for declaring Georgia’s independence almost 28 years ago.
They were able to restore the country’s independence lost after the Russian invasion in 1921.
It is no coincidence that the family members of the victims died on April 9 and those people who adopted the independence act are presented together today.
It is symbolic that the spouse of the First President should be here. She sent her note for being unable to attend and I consider that we should mention her name here.
All of these people are the participant of Georgia’s triumph.
It is a symbolic that exactly here in this Palace, Georgia’s governmental officials have gathered and they expend their respect towards you.
By doing that it is the backward but necessary step for reconciliation and unification of the country and its society.
The way passed since the restoration of our independence manifests  the true importance of society’s cohesion for the country’s advancement.
We have lost a long time during disputes, clashing, and faithlessness. Making progress is in unity, in joint steps taken for shared goals, and in respect to one another.
For reinforcing our statehood public consent is critically important.
Indeed, such kind of consent took place on April 9, 1989, and it stipulated for the outcomes of the referendum.
And, today the main weapon and power is our statehood based on the referendum during the battle against the Russian occupation. Not only Georgia’s independence and sovereignty stands on this referendum but also restored legitimization of our territorial integrity. 
The dissent opinions about politics and pluralistic approaches are essential for our country’s democratic development. However, along with that, the country’s progress depends on the nation’s cohesion.
I am confident that Georgia will become a successful, contemporary, powerful and truly European state with reconciliation and unification. State that was thought by our fellow citizens who resisted the Russian aggression on April 9, almost 30 years ago.
I am convinced, Georgia will become a country that you have dreamed on, during signing this historic, Act of Independence,” – was stated by the President of Georgia.
During the reception ceremony held at the State Palace of Ceremonies, the speeches were also delivered by Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili as well as by signatures of the Act of Independence on the restoration of Georgia’s independence: Dimitri Keburia, Igor Chkheidze, and Zviad Dzidziguri.
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