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Press Office   News   President Zourabichvili: “I welcome the Reform to Establish Modern Georgian Police”

President Zourabichvili: “I welcome the Reform to Establish Modern Georgian Police”

President Salome Zourabichvili attended the official event dedicated to the Police Day and congratulated policemen on their professional day.
President Zourabichvili noted that she welcomes the ongoing reforms in the system which aims to establish a fully modern Georgian police.
“The police is the core institution in a democratic country that protects its citizens’ safety, peace, and stability.
“We are building a democratic, European, free state. You are the main and essential basis of this process. The state-building process and its betterment can continue to take place under threat and this threat prevention depends on your professionalism and determination. You should be utterly loyal toward the State, which requires high professionalism and political neutrality. This is how you can gain the society’s trust, as without it, the police cannot be effective.
“Nowadays, Georgia’s police and state is adopting European standards. It is your accomplishment that today, Georgia is a member of Europol. Joining this organization is an example of the path that will return us to Europe.
“I greet the reform process held by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which aims to establish a completely modern Georgian police, a police that will be equipped with modern technologies and will be based on high standards.
“On behalf of our society and on my own, I express my gratitude to your professionalism and dedication in fighting our complicated challenges of the day.
“You are responsible to steadfastly fight against crime, to defend the rights of our citizens, while each one of our citizens is accountable to respect you. Social peace and unification depend on these relations. I am convinced that with our joint efforts and thanks to our strategic partners, such as the United States and the EU, and with the help of our friends, we will successfully deal with all challenges,” stated President Zourabichvili.

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