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President of Georgia made a statement regarding the recently developed events

"As the President of Georgia, guarantor and guardian of Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Expression, I would like to once again remind you that freedom is inseparable from responsibility.
Responsibility towards the country requires us to put aside emotions; to put aside political preferences; thinking and ensuring peace for our people and the stability of our country. We should exclude that certain forces try to discredit Georgia outside of its borders and to destabilize our country with some sort of provocations.
I would like everyone, in Georgia and beyond its borders, to call for de-escalation. 
Let me call on those forces in our country, who intentionally or unwittingly undermine the stability of our country – which is its main achievement, the main value for its regional and international partners – to attain their political goals. Patriotism does not pass to discredit and destabilize the country.
I would like to address those who, by their irresponsible actions and statement under the flag of patriotism, damage our citizenry and their economic well-being in Georgia and beyond its borders. Indeed, patriotism means taking care of owncitizens.
I would like to call on the forces who, also with patriotic slogans, put tension and confrontation in our society.
I would like to remind each of you that the parliamentary platform for dialogue and reconciliation is created upon your request. 
The proportional system opens up the door of personal ambitions for everyone. A new election code is preparing  for even more fair elections. I urge everyone to set your demands before the people's choice via peaceful elections and await for the public’s response. 
Several times I have urged you to reconcile. I have also proposed to each of the forces the presidential platform for dialogue. This suggestion remains valid for everyone who strives for the country’s advancement and stability. 
Outside of our country, I also appeal Russia’s Authorities not to respond to the escalation. It will be a paradox if the neighbouring country reacts to the provocation initiated by the “radical” forces as the latter itself characterizes it this way. This will assist them in their destructive goals. I should hereby emphasize that our peaceful policy is the only way to keep stability in the country as well as in the region.
I also state to our citizens residing in Russia that I am your President and your well-being is utterly important for us. I am aware, that the Government  does everything that is possible in the current situation to ensure that you continue to live in peace and stability. 
Furthermore, I address to our guests: historically, Georgia is a symbol of tolerance and we will not allow this tradition to be broken.
Even during the most tense periods for our country, there was not a single incident that would put our guests and foreign citizens residing in Georgia under threat. The latter will continue this way,” stated President Zourabichvili.

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