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Press Office   News   President Zourabichvili: “Georgia’s Development Depends on Regions and Agricultural Growth”

President Zourabichvili: “Georgia’s Development Depends on Regions and Agricultural Growth”

President Zourabichvili participated today in the inaugural event of the International Conference on Rural Development.
The conference is dedicated to the inaugurating a national policy in the field of rural development.
The President of Georgia stated that such a conference is crucial, as it addresses one of Georgia’s most important issues: agriculture, the cornerstone of the country’s development.

“I am confident that Georgia’s development stands in its regions and in the development of agriculture. Georgia’s economic development will not have a future if agriculture is not updated to modern standards. We need to develop and learn modern sustainable development principles, on which our agriculture must be built.
“This means that we have to maintain our ancient Georgian traditions and in the meantime, we should learn how to develop agriculture without hindering environmental protections that are so important for our future. At the same time, we must be involved in the global economy and be integrated into world markets. All of this must be learnt by looking at other experiments,” stated the President of Georgia.

President Zourabichvili expressed her gratitude to the international organizations that have contributed and supported greatly the development of Georgian agriculture, including the European Union, the United Nations, and individual EU member states.
The "Rural Development Policy 2020+ - Launching European Practice in Georgia” Conference were attended by representatives of EU member states, leading experts in agriculture, and Georgian policy makers.

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