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The President of Georgia and the First Lady Congratulated the Orthodox People on the occasion of Easter Holiday from the Dmanisi Sioni Temple

The President of Georgia and the First Lady attended the Easter liturgy at the Dmanisi Sioni temple.
The Head of State congratulated the parishioners on the occasion of Easter holiday and spoke about the particular importance of this day:
“Happy Easter!
I would like to congratulate you cordially on this glitzy holiday!
Savior went to hell for our sins and managed to defeat the death through the death and was resurrected for our solace in order to give us - every year, every day, and every minute - the ability, opportunity, and confidence of that how much fell down we should not be, we have possibility of renovation and resurrection as well. 
Before the arrival of Savior in this world, we the human race had been fallen down, been the descendants of Adam, the sin. Adam fell down for the first time, whereas the Christ had rescued the humankind from the hell.
The content of this leading out, consist in the fact that we always can restore to life, while will abandon own sin, offence, as well as mistake and weakness; while, will forgive the congenial, friend and to ourselves of this weakness. Precisely, we are celebrating together with you this opportunity of resurrection, and at the same time, the great holiday.   
I believe that our country thus will restore from its weakness, error and frequently from feebleness, as we are ready to confront the face to our mistakes and forgive others too. Today’s solemnity is full with a great content of future, therefore, I am celebrating this notable day with great gladness, along with you, with the whole Georgia, as well as with the all Georgian people, who are not here in Georgia, and are celebrating Easter holiday abroad, and with the all Orthodox world as well.
Happy Easter!”
The Easter liturgy was led by Archbishop Zenon, who presented to the President of Georgia the icon of Saint Giorgi.
The Dmanisi Sioni is the 6th-century monument of Georgian architecture, which is located near to the village of little Dmanisi, on the former city-site of Dmanisi.
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