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President Margvelashvili Launches Campaign "from Independence to Liberty – Centennial of the Republic" in Telavi

The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has launched the campaign “from Independence to Liberty – Centennial of the Republic" in Telavi. The campaign aims at raising youth awareness on the challenges and threats faced by the Georgian statehood.
100 years have passed this year since the proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. To mark the centennial, President Margvelashvili has declared 2018 as the year as freedom.
As part of the campaign, the first meeting has been held at Telavi State University.
President Margvelashvili together with Telavi State University students has visited the exhibition, dedicated to the anniversary. The same exhibition will be presented at all the meetings to be held as part of the campaign to enable students learn more on the important stages of the establishment of the Georgian statehood.
According to President Margvelashvili, 2018 is the year of utmost importance for Georgia. It is crucial to continue walking on the same path that our ancestors took and preserve those values that lay foundation to our history.
As he further noted, after the establishment of first Georgian Republic in 1918, the country’s fundamental document, the Constitution of the First Republic was written on February 21st.
"Our ancestors created the model of an advanced state and wrote the Constitution in which they recognized the fundamental values and principles, such as granting women the right to vote.
We were independent in 1918; we were independent 26 years ago as well, but the ultimate goal of our state is reaching freedom from independence.
Free citizens make up a free society that lays foundation to a free state,” President Margvelashvili said.
According to the President, freedom implies comprehension of oneself, own identity, aims and plans.
"Aspiration toward freedom is impossible without knowing own country. Understanding own nation is integral. Our ancestors maintained our culture. They had been fighting for the preservation of own statehood, language and writing. Our ancestors were outstanding in terms of tolerance and acceptance of differences.
Today, it is important to give space to those who are different and make them feel like they are in own homeland,” President Margvelashvili stated.
In his view, our ancestors were free because they could protect not only own freedom, but also the freedoms and rights of the different.
President Margvelashvili has named the European direction as the main choice of the Georgian state.
"Liberty does not mean looking back into the past. Freedom is planning the future. A small country needs to be the part of the global historical process. We should see directions of the world’s development and dominant tendencies of the future.
A small nation requires special readiness not to be left behind the dynamics. To join the ranks of the advanced countries, we should realize how other countries, global economics and societies develop. We have to follow the example of the most progressive.
One of the values of these tendencies is freedom; advanced countries shape freedom-oriented societies,” President Margvelashvili said and encouraged students to be actively engaged in celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of independence.

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