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2015 Annual Report of the President of Georgia

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Distinguished Members of Parliament, dear guests!
I welcome the representatives of the Diplomatic corps and the International missions, TV audience and every citizen of our country!
It carries high importance for me to be here today as March 31 is the birthday of Georgia`s first President. It is notable as the Independence of Georgia was restored through the referendum on this day.
“From a Post-Soviet country to a European State”- that is how I determined the goal of my annual report a year ago, and now we have to take a firm step for strengthening the European State.
We are Europe historically as well as culturally, not only a part but also active participants of its development and creation through centuries; nevertheless, we may have much more contributed. Due to the geographical distance or certain separation, we had to defend the values frequently that are significantly important for the European civilization, though without allies, by ourselves. 
This is our today`s challenge, to firmly establish these values in everyday life, to build modern European Georgia on a rich inheritance; Georgia, in the center of which is a human -modern Georgian as a successor of great culture – therefore the European citizen.
This is our goal and our responsibility towards the civilized world. Nowadays, when the world is in the process of looking for the new order, not only we need Europe but also the West needs strong, developed and democratic Georgia.
In order to take our next steps in the right direction, it is necessary to understand where we are, tell the truth to each other, from this standpoint we should plan and determine the future of our development.
Therefore, today, I would like to address you to evaluate the achievements jointly, to face the problems and look forward to the future. 
Recent challenges have dramatically shown already obvious situation: the effective functionality, security and development should be based on the economic progress.
It is the fact that we have not achieved the desired dynamic of the economic processes yet. The level of unemployment as well as the indicator of inequality is still high; we are witnessing slowdown of the economic growth.
Thus, today our main mission is to ensure economic growth, employment, finally reduce inequality in the country and maintain the welfare of each member of the society.
What potential do we have from this standpoint? The free trade agreement with EU – the opportunity and a new stimulus for the economic growth, investments, employment, export and more economic integration in the EU. At the same time, this is a new opportunity for assimilation with other areas of free trade and diversification of export markets. Accordingly, we should emphasize that business and society should be more informed about the opportunities that we have after signing Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA). 
Georgia has free trade agreements both with Turkey and the CIS countries. So in the frame of the free trade rejime, the investor in Georgia has potencial to export domestically produced goods to more than 900 million consumers worldwide. If we add our high ratings recognized in the world by low level of business doing parameter, corruption, criminal, the lower tax system that is definitely in our country, we in fact open very interesting opportunities to the investors in all directions, they should be further informed about the mentioned issues. 
Regional cooperation creates attractive perspectives for the country as well - Strengthening economic and trade ties between Black sea and Caspian regions, transferring Caspian energy resources to Europe – trade path from Europe to Asia.
In this sense much has been done. Few days ago, the Project TANAP was initiated in Kars that will transfer the Caspian energy resources to Europe via Georgia.
You are aware of the railway, infrastructure and transport projects are intensively proceeding that develops interesting and attractive cooperation between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
Moreover, I would like to stress that the potential of the high production of electric power in Georgia and the growing demand on the electricity in the region creates significant opportunities. Accordingly, the energy sector is one of the most interesting and demanded directions for investors. The investments attracted for construction of new power plants provide import substitution for the initial stage and afterwards the export of the surplus electric power. In this regard, it is important to establish joint energy system with Turkey in the frame of “the Black Sea Transmission Network” project, which will increase the opportunity to export electric power in Turkey and European countries.
The enhancement of relations with Europe and Asian countries serves for the development of the corridor between Europe and Asia. We should not be surrounded only with the countries of the region; we have to become more active towards those countries that are interested in the development of the region and investments. Central Asian states such as China, Japan are the countries of our great interest. At the same time, it is important to deepen  negotiations on the free trade agreement defined in the US-Georgia Strategic Partnership Charter.
Since the end of the last year, a sharp decline of Georgian Lari rate and large-scale reduction of economic growth has put on the agenda changing the country`s budget parameters.  This reaffirmed that Georgia is not ready to face foreign economic risks.
We need a flexible system of economic forecasting in order to better cope with the economic fluctuations, including external factors. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the National Bank, though the independence of the National Bank should be maintained.
In the pre-election program of the “Georgian Dream”, the necessity of changing oligopolistic environment is underlined. Here we read: “All the citizens of Georgia will feel the “success” of this model when they purchase primary goods and services such as food, fuel, medicine, electric power and other public utilities.”
The public supported this view and stays on this opinion. However, questions about oligopolies, restrictive agreements of competition and abuse of dominant position on the market are still relevant. Question raises about the effectiveness of the activities of the Competition Agency.
A pre-election program as well as the socio-economic development strategy of Georgia adopted by the Government, recognize the importance of small and medium businesses for the development of economy. “The state will develop effective mechanisms, especially supporting small and medium business” - is written in the socio-economic development strategy and I fully share this goal. However, in fact share of small and medium businesses in GDP is still very low and remains within the range of 20%.
Local and foreign business representatives still discuss the delay of important decisions from the government, which causes dragging out the business initiatives and hindering the attraction of investors.
It is important to involve businesspersons in decision-making process related to the business issues and increase proper public awareness. More communication is needed with business representatives before all those initiatives related to the business environments, investments and tourism become clear and the law comes into the force. In addition, government should make quick decisions and implement them effectively.
“The aim of the state is to achieve business regulations that will promote the development of free market and entrepreneurship; existing and future regulations should not restrict business activity through the creation of additional problems” - the socio-economic development strategy says and I fully agree with that.  Accordingly, it is improbable for me to carry out the right economic policy and implement reforms in conditions of the current parallelism system.
It is impossible to develop the economy in such circumstances - having the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, minister and Vice Prime Minister, whose decisions are interrupted by several economic profile councils or relevant agencies. Therefore, we have to analyze the current situation quickly and make decisions towards authorizing responsible persons with proper trust and functions.
In 2014, the economic growth reached 5 percent. At the same time, the foreign investment has been directed in the country since 2008 (1.270 million US dollars). Accordingly, the 2014 budget performance and the most significant on-budget expenditures have been provided.
People oriented budget policy is our achievement and we certainly have to preserve it. In this regard, I would like to stress the most important and successful projects that have been implemented in the health care field.  Namely: universal health care program, elimination of C hepatitis, ambulance reform, redemption of clinics in mountainous regions and postgraduate education funding, the changes with respect of prescription in the law of Georgia about “Drugs and Pharmaceutical Activity”, construction and equipping of dispensaries in villages.
At the same time, the government initiated incentive programs for small and medium businesses should be noted: “Preferential Agro credit Project”, “Agricultural Products Processing Enterprises Co-funding Project”, project - “Micro ad Small-Sized Enterprise Promotion in Georgia”. I would like to outline the program “Produce in Georgia” as a great opportunity for business activity, employment and further economic growth.
In 2014, the “hybrid” wars, terrorism, the violent change of state borders clearly showed how large-scale danger threatens the world order. We are obliged to evaluate the situation correctly and build our strategy accordingly.
Georgia`s security and prosperity is directly related to the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. This year, we must deepen our relations both with EU and NATO, as well as further cooperation with each state of the Euro-Atlantic area.
At the same time, our mission is to demonstrate the geopolitical role and its advantages that makes our country more attractive for the international community; the increasing number of the countries interested in Georgia`s development and stability is one of the significant international guarantee for our security.
Therefore, Georgia`s tough issues must always be on the agenda of the international politics that needs our joint efforts. It is unacceptable that interests of either party or government may put under the question this agenda and weaken the European platform. It is highly important to strengthen the platform particularly when we all – President, Government, Parliament with its minority and majority are unified to achieve this goal.
The occupation of the Georgian territories and militarization activities increases the threat of destabilization of South Caucasus and Black Sea regions; therefore, it is the most important problem of our security. The Russian Federation does not fulfil the August 12, 2008 ceasefire agreement, it refuses to undertake the obligation not to use force against Georgia.  Last year, Russian forces continued to manipulate with wire entanglements. As Russian Federation signed agreement with Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, the response to my appeal was the Parliament`s evaluation of these acts as a step towards the annexation of the occupied territories. Our partners shared this evaluation and once again condemned Russian aggression on the international arena. We should extend our gratitude to them.
We appreciate the support of international organizations and partner countries to solve the conflict peacefully, non-recognition policy, unacceptance of discrimination on ethnic purposes in the occupied territories and the return of the internally displaced persons. In the result, the number of supporters of the UN General Assembly resolution on refugees has increased. Non-recognition policy has to be deepened and strengthened among states that has not established diplomatic relations with Georgia yet. 
It must be emphasized that non-recognition policy does not aim to isolate the population of the occupied territories! In contrary – domestic population along with the internally displaced persons are the special care unit for the state. We aim to share benefits of the Georgian state`s strength, the benefits and welfare as the result of Georgia`s intensive European integration.
At the same time, it is important to form a unified vision of conflict resolution in the political spectrum and in the whole society. For this purpose, I have held a series of consultation meetings that will also continue in future, political parties as well as the representatives of the society participated; as a result, we have consensus contours. Particularly:
- Georgia`s unity and integrity is the common goal that will remain as a Georgian politics milestone unless its achievement.
- The process of regaining the unity and integrity of Georgia implies the voluntary, worthy and safe return of internally displaced persons.
- The necessary condition in order to achieve these goals is de-occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia/Tskhinvali region, which will pave the way to resolve conflicts on the mutually acceptable basis.
- To solve disputed issues, a direct dialogue with Abkhazians and Ossetians is required; there is a readiness from our side. 
- Georgia`s desire and aim is to equally extend privileges obtained through the association with EU, free trade and visa-free travel to all citizens of Georgia. 
- The European Georgia will be the best guarantee for Abkhazians and Ossetians to maintain their originality as well as to make realization of their political and cultural rights.
- Georgia recognizes only a peaceful resolution of conflicts that needs time and consolidated efforts; meanwhile, Georgia will not put itself in a hostage situation of unresolved conflicts and will continue the democratic modernization.
A common national platform will be created on these fundaments. It is necessary to set coordinated steps with our partners for its implementation. For this purpose, I consider appropriate to hold a representative international forum.
Occupation of the Georgian territories in 2008, the Ukraine’s War in 2014, the support of the Transnistrian separatists are Kremlin`s establishment of the forceful policy in a post-Soviet area as well as “punishment” of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova for their European choice.
Today our mission is to stay beyond the confrontational paradigm of the Russia`s “sphere of privileged interests” as well as establish good neighborly relations with Russia based on the principle of equality; our partners must observe that we are doing our best to defuse tense relations with Russia, thus we need more international assistance in our efforts. 
Therefore, international community`s discussion on separate crises is not enough; it is necessary to neutralize the policy directed against the free choice, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Independent States. When discussing the renovated architecture of European security, it is necessary to fully consider the security problems of European countries that are not NATO members.
Georgia is one of the objects of the Russia`s globally expanded ideological propaganda campaign. The aim of Russian “soft power” is to discredit western values as well as to achieve Georgia`s refusal of Euro-Atlantic integration. In this regard, it uses conglomerate of the local anti-western forces. In order to discontinue this attack, it is necessary to consolidate pro-western agenda internally and to coordinate activities with our western partners.
Georgia makes a serious contribution to the international security. We are involved in NATO and EU peacekeeping operations. However, as a non-member state, we do not have security benefits from the Euro-Atlantic system. Considering this situation, our request for more attention from our partners is natural.
The next Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga is not the reporting event for us. Georgia needs concrete results that will underline our European prospects and create tangible benefits for our population.
Georgia pays highest importance to the relation with the United States of America. Georgia appreciates the support that is always felt towards our country’s Western integration, democratic development, economic advancement, security, and defense as well as non-recognition policy. Deepening our relations is significantly important for Georgia. In this regard, the Strategic Partnership Charter still contains inactive resources.
It is extremely important to increase both EU and US role in the Russian-Georgian conflict resolution process. We expect that they will continue political support, in order to:
- reduce threats coming from the existing situation in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia.
- have a coordinated and adequate response to any pressure coming from Russia.
Strengthening our positions in the international cooperation structures is possible in the frame of the new formats. Nowadays, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova are facing similar threats and challenges; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already taken steps to improve the coordination and cooperation quality between our countries. It is necessary to intensify this process.
Variety of terrorism in the Middle East region and the unleashed war is a serious challenge for us – the developed events in the Middle East directly affects the security environment in the Caucasus. It is outrageous that the Georgian citizens are fighting with so-called “Islamic State”. It is necessary to take preventive measures and in general, to strengthen the security sector. In addition, as the threats and the risks are similar and common, it is essential to deepen the cooperation with the partner countries.
For its part, Georgia continues making a significant contribution in fighting against international terrorism. In the end of the last year, with my proposal the Parliament approved the participation of Georgia in the Afghanistan “Resolute Support Mission”.
Georgia’s national security policy priority is to increase the defense capabilities with the development of the personnel management system, improvement of the management and control, ensuring full compliance of education and training system with the modern standards as well as renewing defensive armament.
The new Minister of Defense of Georgia presented planned reforms. Along with the above mentioned issues, institutional reforms both in the fields of strategic defense planning and elaboration of unified financial policy should be emphasized. At the same time, transition plan for the professional service, establishment of a new system of reserve and mobilization, renew defensive armament, improvement of military infrastructure, strengthening cooperation and compatibility with NATO that requires proper financial resources.
I am proud that today, 7 per cent of our armed forces are women. Gender Equality strategy of the Ministry of Defense will promote the realization of equal opportunities among men and women in the Defense Ministry.
In 2014-2015, our sub-unit honorably served its military duty in Central Africa; The Company of Georgian armed forces successfully completed the evaluation and certification process of NATO and in 2015 was involved in the NATO Response Force (NRF 2015); the second company is currently going through the evaluation process. Thirteen thousand Georgian soldiers went through a tough test in Afghanistan.
Last year’s one of the landmark events was the decision made of NATO Wales summit to grant the substantial package. Its aim is to prepare Georgia for integration into NATO and strengthen our country`s defense capabilities. As result after implementation of the package, NATO will be more presented in Georgia, and Georgia will be more integrated into the alliance.
Within the framework of substantial package, a Georgia-NATO Joint Training and Assessment Center is going to be established aiming to hold joint trainings for soldiers of Georgia, partners’ as well as NATO member countries. In addition, I would like to note once again that Georgia conducting a peaceful and neighborhood policy, the establishment of the center, as well as integration into NATO is not directed against anyone and serves as the improvement of the security environment in the region. It should be all our neighbors` interest.
Furthermore –implementation of the NATO – Georgia substantial package timely and effectively is not just the duty of only one ministry, it is responsibility of all institutions. That`s why with the authority granted by the Constitution of Georgia I applied twice to the government and requested to have discussion of these issues at the government session. I have not received any response from the government so far. 
Other achievements of the NATO Wales summit were the invitations to Georgia to the partnership compatibility initiative and enhanced possibility group. This status allows Georgia to get involved in the NATO operation planning process at an early stage, actively participate in NATO trainings and contribute to the Alliance’s strategic discussions. The package includes creation NATO standards Logistic Facility and a Defense Institutional Building School.
Mechanisms of the cooperation between Georgia and the Alliance, such as the annual action program and NATO-Georgian commission are functioning properly, Georgia`s achieved progress was underlined last year. These are the results of the devotion and qualification of our officers and soldiers.
Certainly, our soldiers and officers stand behind these achievements. Nowadays Georgia is respected in the whole world for its courage, persistence and endurance. It needs essential appreciation from the state and society. We must remember during our participation in international missions, 435 soldiers were wounded and 29 did not come back to their homes and families. Their names will be remembered for centuries with those patriots who devoted their lives for the freedom and for the country. I reverently bow down to the memories of the heroes fallen for their homeland.
The government of Georgia intensively continues supporting the families of military personnel, wounded soldiers and those who died during the military operations. Financial assistance was also provided to the families of deceased; the programs` funding for the wounded soldiers` rehabilitation and reintegration was increased. The state should provide honorable pension to the military personal. Herewith, I would like to remind you that the conditions of our veterans has to improve and it is the mission of state indeed. 
Secured citizen, secured society, and secured state – this should be the guiding principle for any government and we all have to do our best for its implementation.
Last year Parliament shared my vision and the staff of the National Security Council expanded - the Parliament is properly represented along with the government. The National Security Council cooperating with executive and legislative authorities was formed as an important decision making institute in the sphere of security and defense. Unfortunately, the regular activities of this constitutional body faces artificial obstacles that reduces the state institutions` coordination degree and causes misunderstanding among our partners.
Nowadays, when we have ratification of the Association Agreement on the agenda, parliamentary ties and various formats of cooperation may accelerate this process; the same can be mentioned for NATO. We need more cooperation with the governments of those countries, which have a doubts on Georgia`s Euro-Atlantic integration. I would like to emphasize that all political parties should be actively cooperating; Parliamentary Assembly tribunes should be used for demonstrating our country, Georgia`s themes should be actively discussed on international forums.
I would like to stress the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its responsibility under the legislation is to manage relations with different countries and international organizations. We all have to support the implementation of this very important and responsible task and not allow duplication or dispersal of functions in various state agencies and institutions.
For instance: the newly created Interagency Council on Foreign policy carries partial duplication of functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and government; The mandate of the Special Representative for the relations with the Russian Federation is not specified in the relevant legal act. It is necessary to conduct the full integration of the activities in the unified foreign policy through the close coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Georgian people play a significant role in the development of our country; they are significant force. Their talent and capabilities reveals in freedom and secured environment. Therefore, along with security, the most important goal remains strengthening democracy and developing high standards of human rights protection. In this regard, we frequently hear that the situation is much better comparing with the previous government and that is true. However, I think it is time to think about future. We must come out from the requirements that our main goal – modern European state sets. Strengthening democracy is a permanent process; there will never come a day when we say with satisfaction that we achieved the desired goal. In 2014, we adopted National Strategy on Human Rights Protection that urges us to the action. Have we done everything what we could?
In this regard, developed events on so-called surveillance case are the highly important. It was the first time I used the right of veto. In recent years, the huge part of our population experienced the consequences of surveillance and persecutions. Nobody desires to have such circumstances again. So, what interest unified the parliamentary majority and minority not to adopt my proposed draft law and enter into force the law that does not deserve neither public support nor complies to the international standards?
Since parliamentary elections in 2012, significant steps have been taken for strengthening the judiciary.
However, despite the changes it is obvious that judicial reform needs more stimulus. Judicial independence should be strengthened; judicial accountability before the public and quality of justice must be increased. There should be no place for doubts either inside or outside the country, that justice can be used for the purpose other than legitimate one.
The confidence will increase as soon as the number of court’s fair decisions rises.  The principal, fair, qualified and pressure-free judges should make these decisions. The judge is the main axis for independent judiciary system!
In the past year, I presented the Supreme Court membership candidates selected as based on aforementioned criteria.  
I would also like to mention my proposed method for selecting Supreme Court Chairman.  Obviously, wide participation of the society in this process intended to select the best candidate among the most honored ones. However, it had not less important goal – to increase confidence towards judiciary. From my point of view, the Chairman of the Supreme Court selected through public involvement, will be more willing to restore confidence towards the judiciary. I strongly believe that Mrs. Nino, with her tireless work will open new chapter in the history of Georgian judiciary.
In addition, I would like to emphasize that the respect of judiciary is the maintenance not only for the Chairman of the Court and judges but also for each of us. Unfortunately, Sakdrisi case cannot be the example. The fact that Sakdrisi was blown up before the decision made in court, demonstrates the disrespect towards the judiciary. This precedent requires the reasonable analysis to make appropriate conclusion out of it.
I would like to draw special attention to the prosecutor’s office reform issue. Questions regarding the politicization of the prosecutor's office must be removed once and forever. How should it be done? I want to tell you that as in many other cases, appropriate answers related to the prosecutor’s office can be found in the coalition “Georgian Dream” election program as well as in the governmental program, which was approved by Parliament. It was necessary to implement them timely. It is important that planned legislative changes removed questions of politicization.   
Institutional status of prosecutor’s office, its place within governmental structure should be determined. Afterwards, independence, fairness and conditions of public accountability should be provided.
It must be also emphasized that in order to achieve goal, the reform should be accompanied by the accurate personnel policy. To appoint people with impeccable past and high professional capabilities as ordinary prosecutors or their supervisors. Investigated cases by high professional prosecutors must be sent timely and competently to the court in order to avoid questions on the investigating processes extended for months.
It is necessary to implement reforms at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With the pre-election program of coalition, we promised Georgian society to transform the Ministry of Internal affairs into the Ministry of Home Affairs – civil service as well as to separate Security Service from the Ministry and to provide independence of their activities. Again, I say the same - it was necessary to take these steps timely. I express hope that the process will not be delayed and will be conducted in terms of transparency under public control.
In the country, the significant indicator of human rights protection is how we treat the citizens of imprisonment. It is unacceptable that humiliate, abuse or torture may follow the      imprisonment. The recent experience 'zero tolerance' ideology consequences, inhuman treatment of prisoners. This past must never be repeated again. Therefore, primarily I consider it essential to strengthen the Ombudsman's institute providing it with more control and effective react mechanisms.
All human beings are born free and equal before the law. Protection of minority rights is direct and unconditional constitutional obligation of each public official that is strengthened by our distinguished cultural-historical tradition during the centuries. The state will not tolerate the slightest violation of any right!
I would like to recall the words of Mrs. Nino Goguadze from her impressive parliamentary speech: “We, legislators, should always remember that if it becomes acceptable in the state to violate the rights of any group or any minority, it will become possible, permissible and even inevitable to violate the rights of major minority – individual person, each of us. Each of us is one person always in extremely minority, regardless any majority group that we belong to at the given moment”. 
Therefore, we should set the goal to eliminate the causes of discrimination. The problem is not only violence, but also the way of thinking through which an individual is discriminated and stigmatized because of political, religious or other visions, sexual orientation, illness or disability and even chromosome numbers.
I would like to focus on another painful problem, which especially touched each of us. I mean the violence against women revealed in 2014 with outrageous scale and brutality.
We, all together, should take effective steps in order to defeat the problem that offends our past and traditions, threatens our present and future.
I believe that increasing women’s role, especially in politics, has essential importance for achievement of this goal. In this spirit, I have announced 2015 the year of women.
In this spirit here, in this hall, where the majority of our population – women representatives are unreasonably low, I declare my support to the implementation of quota system in electoral legislation. I encourage everyone to support this idea.
I would like to draw your attention to another problem that requires immediate solution on behalf of our future. This is children’s poverty. According to UNICEF data, nowadays in our country approximately 50 000 children live in extreme poverty. I know that the budget resources are always limited, but I urge you to consider priorities! Of course, the problem is wide and concerns all of us, though I especially address the local authorities, as financing kindergartens, urgent care for children with similar problems is a local budget responsibility. 
We all agree that active civil society plays crucial role and strengthens country in the process of formation as European state. We believe that civil society representatives must be more involved in Georgian state`s building process with proposed solutions to the problems, dialogue with government and reasonable criticism.
At the same time stable political system that responds to the interests of people, contributes to the enhancement of political parties, plays essential role for sustainability of the society. In other words, we need European type political system. Formation of such political system requires development of appropriate election model. The shortcomings of the current system are determined in "Georgian Dream" pre-election program. Along with other amendments and with common sense, to change majoritarian electoral system is principled.
To have the outcome for the next elections, we must initiate changes immediately, even at the spring session of parliament.
According to the constitution of Georgia, President provides functioning of state institutions. Progress and success of the country depends on their proper functioning.
Above, I have pointed out the problems in the management and operation of the institutions not once.
Competent state institutions must implement state administration. Unfortunately, we have approximately two dozen of councils and structures that are duplicating functions of existing authorities envisaged by the law and in most cases act as superiors.
For example, the Cabinet of Ministers have ministry with specific direction, meanwhile a council under the Prime Minister`s supervision is established with the same direction, where we see the minister of this sector as a member of the council. It raises a question: who is responsible person for decisions? Unfortunately, such cases are not rare. Unreasonably, large number of various commissions, councils, undetermined responsible persons in duplicated authorities creates confusion in business circles, investors, among international partners as well as in the society. Eventually it leads to weakening of institutions’ sustainability, inefficiency in governance and drags out the processes.
Individual is the strength of a democratic society. The effectiveness of state institutions is based on the freedom of civil servants and therefore, on a high personal responsibility for decision-making and enforcement process.
We must know who is actually a decision-maker in the structures and who is responsible for the success or failure.
Hence, we must provide such system of governance, which will clearly define responsible person and not irresponsibility, employee oriented on the work and not disinterested. 
A notion that state institutions should be relegated, will lead us to the anarchy. The society is controller of the government, though the governance burden is on the state institutions and their leaders. Breakdown of these institutions will create chaos. It will not have a winner neither in government, nor in the opposition or in the society.
We are responsible for our choice to serve Georgia.
To whom are we responsible? No one but people are our employers and evaluators.
Finally, I would like to address the people - main target of my today's speech and my everyday activities.
Of course, government is crucial that creates favorable conditions and provides security for each of us. However, this is everybody's responsibility. The strongest states were created through active participation of its citizens. We have to go through the same path.
I would like to emphasize the circumstance that I consider as the greatest achievement - today the government listens to the people. Public opinion is mostly decisive in political processes that was confirmed not once. This is a chance for people to get more actively involved in country’s life. In 2012, we created freer Georgian society.
Now it is up to us how we decide to use vacated energy, where we direct it – towards hatred, aggression and pain of past or towards positive efforts and bright future. How would our ancestors act in such circumstance? What behavior our future generations expects?
In recent decades, the people`s will was mainly expressed by protests against the government or by criticism. It is time to use our rights positively, not only demand but also create the desired reality. Each member of the society must become decision maker. We do not have other way – we must trust ourselves and create conditions for welfare and development!
People should unify, fight and work to achieve their goals in every field of public life. They must actively get involved in the implementation of the projects of their interests such as business, local governance, art, party activities etc.
We have the right and opportunity to solve various problems; turn into the reality unified, peaceful Georgia, space for freedom and self-realization of our citizens – common home for Georgians, Abkhazians, Ossetians, for every nation living on this land and attractive place for every guest.
Aspiration towards such Georgia was main impetus through the history during thousands of years.
For this purpose on this day, on March 31, 1991 the first President of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia conducted the referendum that expressed to the whole world Georgian`s unwavering will to restore statehood; To live in modern and independent state.
Back then, all together, along with Abkhazians and Ossetians, we clearly stated that we have set a goal to become members of modern democratic community and reestablish our place that fairly belongs to the nation with the ancient and unique culture.
This goal has never been under question. And I, as the President of Georgia, on behalf of Georgian citizens explicitly declare:
It will never be questioned! We are still standing here with this spirit.
God bless Georgia!