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 A goal

The ultimate goal of the reserve fund is to support to establishment and development of democratic values and state institutes in Georgia.  

For this purpose, the fund supports to:
1. Initiatives for ethnic minority integration and protection of their right; 
2. Cooperation with higher educational institutions directed towards raising quality of education in              Georgia;
3. Initiatives supporting to comprehensive development of the regions of Georgia, include highland            regions;
4. Initiatives directed towards protection of the rights of children and improvement of quality of life;
5. Initiatives supporting strengthening of Court government;  
6. Initiatives directed towards increasing of self-defense of Georgia;
7. Initiatives for maintenance and development of cultural diversity
8. Women right protection activities;
9. Deepening and accelerating of European integration
10.Initiatives for making state social sphere healthier 
11.Other initiatives supporting to establishment and development of democratic values and state              institutes
12.Other measures and initiatives by decision of President


Legal Background

Funds from President Reserve Fund established in the state budget according to the article 28 of Budget Code of Georgia are allocated for financing of contingencies.


By the budget law of current year the Reserve Fund of President of Georgia consists of 5 million of GEL.

Organizing and Purposefulness  

Directions of the reserve fund expenditures are defined by the President of Georgia in accordance to the amounts defined by the specified budget.
The Minister of Finance allocates funds from the Reserve Funds of President of Georgia based on the decision of the President of Georgia, which includes the information regarding to the amount and purpose.
Pursuant to the sub-section “l” article 2, of the regulation approved by the ordinance of President # 963 of December 19, 2013, Administration of President of Georgia ensures “implementation of the tasks of the President of Georgia and control of management of reserve fund”.

The role of the administration of President of Georgia was defined in accordance to the ordinance of #412 of October 9, 2014 of President of Georgia „About the rule of performance by the administration of President of Georgia in the process of the management of the Reserve fund of President of Georgia”, (the link for download the ordinance).

The Election Code of Georgia (Article 49) considers the cases of management of the Reserve Fund, such as
1.It is prohibited to implement such projects/programs not have been considered before in the State Budget of Georgia within 60 days before election including the day of Election. 

2. Within 60 days before election including the day of Election it is prohibited to increase social allowances (retirement pension, social allowance, support, etc) /issuing of such allowances (retirement pensions, social allowances, support, etc.) or/and introduction of allowances not have been considered before by the legislation of Georgia.

Above mentioned prohibitions do not include funding of the liquidation measures of natural disasters or other force majeure conditions and arrangement of polling stations.  

During pre-election period it is prohibited to produce such agitation material, video- or audio material, creation of web-site or its part, which reflects any election subject/political party or the participation number in the election or/and which includes the information for/against any subject/political party. Appliance of the election subject/political party or its number in the social advertisement produced by the state budget is also prohibited.  
Publicity and Monitoring

The information about spent finances from the fund is public except for the cases defined by the legislation.
The procedure of submission of an application

Any natural and legal body not having any debt to state or the third party is allowed to submit an application in the administration of President of Georgia. An applicant shall fill an application form and submit required documentation in the form and estimated budget. 

A natural person willing to apply a President for financial support fills only initial application regarding to requesting funding from the fund of President of Georgia. In all other cases it is required to fill both application forms.
The applications shall be filled, printed out, signed and submit on hand to the correspondence management department of the President administration of Georgia, in the residence of President of Georgia. 

The following documentation shall be attached to the filled applications:

1.      The certificate about sequestration
2.      The certificate about taxation debt
3.      Copy of ID card and/or extract form public register
4.      The bank requisites
5.      Biographies of beneficiaries and/or project implementers
6.      All other documents required by the application
The documentation in foreign language shall be submitted translated on a state language and by the attested copies in accordance to the legislation.