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National Hero Award
St. George’s
Victory Order
The Presidential Order
of Excellence
David Agmashenebeli 
Golden Fleece Order
Vakhtang Gorgasali’s
Order – I rank

Vakhtang Gorgasali’s
Order – II rank

Vakhtang Gorgasali’s
Order-III rank

Order of Honor

“Military Honor”

“Military Courage”

“Honor” Medal




Georgian Law on Georgian State Awards



The Georgian parliament declares”
1. The following State Orders-Awards and Medals should be approved:
a) National Hero Award;
b) St. George’s Victory Order;
c) David Agmashenebeli Order;
c1) Queen Tamar’s Order; (31.07.2009 N1553)
c2) Presidential Order of Excellence (31.07.2009 N1553)
c3) St. Nicholas Order; (31.07.2009 N1553)
d) Golden Fleece Order;
e) Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order – I, II, III ranks
f) Order of Honor
f1) Medal “Civil Commitment”; (18.06.2010 N3110)
g) Medal “Military Courage”;
h) Medal “Military Honor”;
i) “Honor” Medal
(24.06.2004 N 217)
2. The regulation “About Georgian State Awards –Orders and Medals” is approved by the Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia. (31.07.2009 N 1553)
3. A simultaneous monetary award should follow the Georgian state awards:
a) National Hero Award – 10 000 GL
b) St. George’s Victory Order – 6 000 GL
c) David Agmashenebeli Order – 4 000 GL
d) Queen Tamar Order – 1 000 GL
e) Presidential Order of Excellence – 1 000 GL
f) Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order, rank I – 2 000 GL
g) Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order, rank II – 1 000 GL
h) Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order, rank III – 600 GL
i) Medal of Honor –600 GL
j) Medal “Civil Commitment” –1 000 GL
k) Medal “Military Courage” –400 GL
3.1. According to the paragraph 3 of this law simultaneous monetary awardswill be granted only to the citizens of Georgia. (27.04.2010 N 3026)
 4. In case of an award issued after death, simultaneous monetary award shall be issued to the inheritors of the deceased according to the civil code of Georgia.
5. A person awarded with a Military Courage Medal three times shall receive a memorable gift from the president.
6. A person awarded with David Agmashenebli Order, Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order – I. II. III ranks has the following advantages:
a) According to an approved law, the state covers the expense for using the public transport;
b) According to an approved law, with the compulsory health insurance at the state expense. (28.10.97. N 1008 Parliamentary Order N45)
7. According to the Paragraph 3 of this law, the simultaneous monetary awards should be granted to persons who:
a) Are awarded from January 1st, 2003;
b) Participated in the war for the territorial integrity of Georgia – for freedom and independence of Abkhazia and ShidaKartli and were awarded for showing courage and heroism in battles; (20.04.2005 N 1339)
c) Were awarded after death (29.01.2003 N1951)
            8. Those individuals who are to receive a simultaneous monetary award according to the Paragraph 3 of this law and were not mentioned in the Paragraph 7 of the same law shall be granted the awards from January 1st, 2006. (29.12.2004 N855)
Chairman – Head of State                                   E. Shevardnadze.
Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia              V. Goguadze
December 24th, 1992
State of Georgia
Awards-Orders and Medals

Deleted (31.07.2009 N 1554)
Decree of the President of Georgia
N 321 May 7th, 2005 Tbilisi
On Georgian State Awards
1. To approve attached rule and annexes about the State Awards (Annex N 1, N 2 and N 3)
2. To declare invalid the Head of State’s Decree N 3, January 18, 1993 “Georgian State Resolution regarding Orders and Medals”
                                                                        Mikheil Saakashvili
Approved by the President’s
                                                     Decree N 321 May 7th, 2005
The rule for Awarding the State Awards
 Article 1.
Georgian State Awards – Orders and Medals are established for carrying out heroic and courageous action in fighting for defending and integration of the homeland, also for outstanding personal contribution to the construction of the country.
Article 2.
1. The decision to award the orders and medals is made by the President of Georgia.
2. Besides the citizens of Georgia, orders and medals can be awarded to foreign citizens and persons, who do not have citizenship, unless otherwise provided by the legislation.
Article 3.  (15.07.2011 N 382)
1. The merit list, for which an award is given, also special rules of rewarding and carrying the awards shall be specified by the legislation.
2. The description of the State Awards shall be determined by the president.
Article 4.
1. Georgian State Awards shall be given only for specific service. Rewarding only for the years of service or the anniversary is impermissible.
2. Those who have been issued an award may be honored repeatedly with the same or another award for a new merit, unless otherwise provided by the legislation.
3. Individuals may also be honored with medals and orders after death.
Article 5.
Awarding with orders and medals is carried out by the recommendation of the  Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Prime-minister, Minister, Minister of State, Head of the Presidential Administration, the Secretary of the National Security Council, Head of the State Chancellery, heads of autonomous republic high councils and governments, the Prosecutor General, the Chairman  of Chamber of Control, Chairman of the Supreme Court, Chairman of the Constitutional Court, secretary of the Supreme Council of Justice, head of the executive agency under subordination of the President of Georgia, State Attorney – Governor, Mayor of Tbilisi, also the head of the legal entity based on State property, which does not have controlling body    (2.08.2010 N 588)
Article 6.
1. Application for rewarding with Georgian State awards shall be made by the institution, where a person, who should be awarded works or the authority of the area, where he lives. Petition about rewarding persons residing abroad shall be commenced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.
2.Before making a decision about the submitted application the attached sample (annex N1) of the award document shall be filled and sent to the appropriate authority with the right of submission (under the Article 5 of this order), which in case of the approval of the application shall submit the award document to the President of Georgia through the appropriate services of the Administration of the President of Georgia.
2.1. An official under the Article 5 of this order, shall send to the relevant service of the  Administration of the President of Georgia a copy of an identification card (with the registration place) of the person introduced to the State Award, together with the Award document and a confirmed document from the bank (branch) with the bank (branch) details and the account number of the person – if the state award is granted for one-time simultaneous  monetary award, but in case of introducing to the State award after death- also the certified copy of the certificate of inheritance according to the legislation. (2.08.2010 N 588)
3. The relevant service of the Administration of the President of Georgia shall review the submitted material and in case of compliance with the legislation requirement, shall submit relevant proposal and draft of legal act of the person introduced to the State Award, to the President of Georgia. (15.07.2008 N368)
4. The rewarding,by the decision of the President of Georgia, can be made without taking into account the requirements of the decree,unless otherwise provided by the law. (15.07.2008 N368) 
Article 7.  (2.08.2010 N 588)
The award is presented to the introduced person under the Presidential Decree, which is available for everybody, except as required by law.
Article 8.
1. The Award and the relevant certificate shall solemnly be handed over by the President of Georgia or by the appropriate state authority or other officials on behalf of the President. In case of rewarding after death the award shall be handed over to the family of the awarded person.
2. For the Award ceremony, held by the relevant service of the Administration of the President of Georgia a registration card of  the enclosed sample (Annex 2) shall be filled about the handing over the award to the authorized person and the protocol ( Annex 3) shall be  drawn up  about the handing over the award to the rewarding person, which shall be  signed by the person who handed over the award and shall be submitted to the relevant service of the administration of the President of Georgia within a month.
Article 8.1 (2.08.2010 N 588)
The relevant service of the Administration of the President of Georgia for the purpose of issuing a simultaneous monetary award to the awarded person (if any), the Ministry of Finance shall submit the following documentation:

  1. a copy of the legal act about the award;
  2. a copy of the identification card of the awarded person with the registration place (if applicable);
  3. a confirmed certificate from the service bank (branch), bank (branch) details and the person’s account number;
  4. a  copy of certificate of inheritance attested according to the legislation rule ( in case of the rewarding after death)
Article 9.
People awarded by the State Awards have the right to wear the awards or their markings according to the legislation rule.
Article 10.
1. The award of the deceased person or with the consent of the heirs of the posthumously awarded person, his award or the relevant document can be given to the state or museum.
2. If a deceased awarder person or posthumously awarded person has no heir, the award shall be given to or remain in the State.
Article 11(2.08.2010 N 588)
Duplicates of the Orders and Medals, under the presidential decree,  shall be issued only in case if the awarder person was not able to avoid their loss or damage, and the corresponding certificate duplicate shall be issued by the relevant service of the Administration of the president of Georgia, in case the existence of the same condition.
Article 12.
Confiscation of the award shall be carried out only by the President in case of the abusive behavior of the award or commitment of criminal according to the Criminal Code, by application of nominating body or on its own initiative.
Article 13.
The establishment and production of badges similar to Georgian State Awards and wearing the State Awards by the person who does not have the right, also other kind of abuse of the State Awards are punishable under the legislation of Georgia.
By the President of Georgia
May 7, 2005
Decree N 321
Annex N 1
The Award Sheet
  1. Surname, First name, Middle name  ___________________________________
  1. Workplace, Position  _________________________________
  1. Date and place of Birth   __________
  1. Citizenship  ________________________________________________
  1. Education  __________________________________________________
  1. Which Order and Medal was awarded and when
  1. Home Address  _____________________________________________
Phone Number Home __________________Work ___________________
  1. Which award is presented _______________________________
The particular merit, for which the person is nominated to the award
State Institution, Organization
Human Resources Department
Mr.                                            ___________________________________
State Institution
                        Head of the Organization
                                                                                    „_____“_____________ 200   year.
                                                             By the President of Georgia
                                                             May 7, 2005
                                                                Decree N 321
 Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on the Approval of Regulation on Georgian State Awards –Orders and Medals.
The Parliament of Georgia Approves:
1. According to the Paragraph 2 of the law on the establishment of Georgian State Awards, approve the enclosed regulation on Georgian State Awards – Orders and Medals.
2. Upon entry into force of this resolution, “Georgian State Resolution on the Awards – Orders and medals”, approved by the Parliament of Georgia on December 24, 1992 should be declared invalid ( Gazette of the Parliament of Georgia, 1992, N2, Art. 101).
3. This resolution shall become effective upon promulgation.
Of the Parliament of Georgia                                                                                                           David  Bakradze
July 31, 2009
N 1554-RC
The Resolution of Georgian State Awards –Order and Medals
Article 1. For the Georgian citizens who have carried out heroic and courageous actions, associated with the protection of their motherland and fighting for integrity of their country and for exceptional personal contribution to the construction of an independent Georgian State, the following State Awards – Orders and Medals are established: (18.06.2010 N 3142)
  1. National Hero Award
  2. St. George’s Victory Order
  3. David Agmashenebeli Order
  4. Queen Tamar Order
  5. Presidential Order of Excellence
  6. St. Nicholas Order
  7. Golden Fleece Order
  8. Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order – I, II, III ranks
  9. Order of Honor
  10. Medal “ Civil Commitment”
  11. Medal “Military Courage”
  12. Medal “Military Honor”
  13. “Honor” Medal

Article 2
1. The title of a National Hero is the highest State rank, which is awarded to a person for exceptional, distinctive heroic actions. Along with a title of a National Hero, the person is awarded with a National Hero order.
2. St. George’s Victory Order is awarded to a person who has significantly contributed to victorious battles.
3. David Agmashenebeli Order is given to regular citizens, military persons and clerics, prominent statesmen for the immense contribution to their country, for significant personal contribution to fighting for the independence of Georgia and its revival, the consolidation and democracy development.
4. Queen Tamar Order is given to women for special contribution to the country and nation, significant state and/or social activities.
5. Presidential Order of Excellence is given to the outstanding figures in culture, education, science, art, sport and other fields, for the significant achievements in the relevant fields of social life and meritorious service for Georgia.
6. St. Nicholas Order is given to individuals for charity, disinterested service to the country and people.
7.  Golden Fleece Order is awarded to foreign citizens and to those holding no citizenship, who have significantly contributed to the “building” of Georgian State, national security interests, sovereignty and protection of territorial integrity, formation of democratic and free society, formation of useful bilateral relationship with foreign countries and international organizations, protection of rights of Georgian citizens living abroad, popularization of Georgian culture, development of Georgian science and art.
8. Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Order is awarded to military personnel who showed courage and heroism in the fight of their motherland and its territorial integrity, provided success of military divisions and subdivisions with skillful leading, planned and carried out military operations.
There are 3 ranks of the order, the issuing of the order occurs in the following way:
III rank order is awarded to individuals who showed high-level combat training when fulfilling their duties.
II rank order is awarder to individuals who successfully carried out combat mission given by military leaders.
I rank order is awarded to individuals who outstandingly contributed to their nation and motherland, devoted and sacrificed their lives.
9. “Order of Honor” is awarded to citizens for outstanding personal contribution to the building of independent Georgian State-in  strengthening of governing, defense, legality, law and order, in the fields of national economy, health care, science, education, culture, literature and art, for sports achievements, heroism and devotion.
91. Medal “Civil Commitment” is awarded to individuals for exemplary civil action (dedicated civil action, showing special civic responsibility and personal courage). (18.06.2010 N 3142)
10. “Military Courage” Medal is awarded to military and police personnel for showing personal courage in protection of their motherland and carrying out military service obligation, for bravery and daring actions.
11. “Military Honor” Medal is awarded to Georgian Military personnel and civilians for outstanding personal contribution to the defense of their motherland and .ensuring its integrity
12. “Honor” Medal is awarded to citizens of Georgia for special contribution to the revival of Georgia and decent service.
Article 3. By the decision of the President of Georgia, the orders and medals provided in this regulation can be awarded to foreign citizens and persons who do not have citizenship.