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Georgia | State Symbols
Flag_of_Georgia.jpg The Flag of Georgia

A Brief History
A few written source (The Georgian Chronicles, Stepanos Orbeliani, and Ioane Shavteli) are available about the flag of Georgia (about its color and use).
Supposedly, the current look of “Gorgasliani-Davitiani” flag comes from 1320, when King George V the Brilliant (1314-1346) received “the keys of Jerusalem”. From this time five-mark composition symbolizing Jesus and heralds (in different varieties, including 5 cross images) has been presented as a symbol of Georgia, which is proved by many visual sources – Pietro Vesconte’s (1318), Angelino Dulcert’s (1339), Domenico and Francesco Pizzigano’s (1367), Gabriel Vallseca’s (1439) and others marine maps (portulans). 


The National Anthem of Georgia 

Our icon is the homeland
Trust in God is our creed,
Enlightened land of plains and mounts,
Blessed by God and holy heaven.

The freedom path we've learnt to follow
Makes our future spirits stronger,                                      Text by David Magradze
The morning star will rise above us 
                                                                         Music by Zakaria Paliashvili 
And lighten up the land between the two seas.                        Processed by Ioseb Kechakmadze 
Glory to long-cherished freedom,
Glory liberty!

Greater_coat_of_arms_of_Georgia.jpg                 The State Emblem of Georgia 

A Brief History 
The main figure of the State Emblem of Georgia is Saint George that is symbolically expressed as a red right-angled cross against a white background.

Saint George, as a symbol of united Georgia, i.e. an embodiment and patron of Georgia, was first depicted on a big state seal of King George III (1155-1184). According to Teimuraz Batonishvili, “Georgian kings depicted face of Saint George the Martyr on their State Emblems, and his face was considered to come first for the State of Georgians.”
Above the shield of the State Emblem is a Royal Crown, which is known in heraldry as “Iveria Crown” and is used as mark of state sovereignty. 

Lesser_coat_of_arms_of_Georgia.jpg            Author of the Georgian State Emblem: painter Mamuka Gongadze